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“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest is half of a new songwriting duo called TWO. Along with Alfie Jackson, ex frontperson of band The Holloways, she’s a playwright (second in a week or so on Velvet Sheep!) and an accomplished performer, and with a delicately dark song called “Angels” only the second they’ve written together but a timeless beaut, we are very pleased to welcome the gloomy yet vaudevillian majesty of Gemma Rogers

Gemma met Alfie while playing on the same bill together and formed an instant connection which belies the geographically distant writing modus operandi (Alfie now being based in Austria). After collaborating on a song called “Stop” for Gemma’s solo project, they decided to double up, two become TWO as it were.

“Angels” will be part of a Dickensian sounding EP “Great Expectations” due early next year, and was penned while the pair were both hanging out and hungover and challenging each other to come up with the saddest song they could. It’s certainly haunting, and although they’re eschewing tangible influences , to my ears it would suit you if you liked “Murder Ballads”, the Raveonettes or Damaged Goods band Cowbell – sinister outlaw folk music.

Anyway enough music journo frippery, what rare gem has been on Gemma’s mind lately? Without further ado, this is Gemma’s “song for ewe”…

“Maybe not obscure but Brown Bird ‘Danger and Dread’ off their 2009 album “The Devil Dancing” has been getting a fair few plays.

I enjoy loads of lyrics from this song for instance;

“Always someone being slaughtered by a bigger stack of splinters somewhere”

It’s a love letter to his muse about keeping on and at ‘em. It’s so delicate yet so powerful and his voice -wholeheartedly – says he’s got her back. And that’s a beautiful thing.”

“Angels” is released on 14th December.

Here’s the band’s social feeds:



and they play here:

December 14th – Boogaloo radio live session
December 20th – Christmas edition of Sunset sounds – Coal House Cafe @ The London Wildlife Trust
March 2nd & 3rd – Fat Tuesday Tour


Author: Nick Hutchings

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