Month: January 2019

SARAH NIXEY – Song For Ewe

“I love this music ensemble. The singers have such wonderfully free and beautiful voices. This track in particular is incredibly ethereal and entrancing. I was playing it when I woke up this morning, after a conversation with a friend last night about Bulgarian music. Now I can’t stop listening to it.”

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“Perhaps in a different world this song would have been a hit featured in countless truck commercials, bringing Kevin thousands in both fans and royalties. It features one of my favorite lines – “I turned the radio on/there was a rock‘n roll song/a rock’n roll song about loving rock’n roll.” I guess that’s really all you need sometimes.”

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WARM DRAG – Lucky 7

Today it’s the turn of Warm Drag, a dynamic duo consisting of the singularly brilliant Vashti Windish (ex of the K-Holes and Golden Triangle in NY) and Paul Quattrone, one of the immense drumming pair in the current Oh Sees line-up (also ex of criminally underrated Modey Lemon and a prolific Ty Segall collaborator). Their self-titled debut record on peerless garage label In The Red records is a coruscating, scathing atmospheric adventure.

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