Month: June 2019

KAINA – Song For Ewe

“His phrasing reminds me of something like Superfreak by Rick James because its like this super exaggerated storytelling about a this out there and extra person. The production however, is what really inspires me, it is cool to see artists from another time blending genres how I try to now or other artists in 2019 do.”

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ZOE REDDY – Song For Ewe

“I have a hard time sitting still. So to combat that I run and I have been listening to this song every time I go for a run for the past few weeks. I like its incessantness and if I am really honest I often like tracks that have a kind of irritating quality to them.”

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BIG STICK – Song For Ewe & Exclusive Video!

“Whatever the case may be, it’s a dastardly delicious dish served up with oodles of distorted aurally induced excitement. The angst of this particular “AGITATED” track that we’ve selected rings as being completely 100% believable and genuinely heartfelt. The lyrics are great, the snotty vocal delivery is delightful and the entire package is potent with collectively captivating cockeyed charm.”

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HOUSE & LAND – Song For Ewe

“I love the sunny feel of this song, threaded with mundane observations that suggest a slow pace and attention to life moment-by-moment. I love the unique use of cymbals and heavenly guitar tones – contrasted with tropey 60s structure and harmony vocals. It just makes me feel good!”

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