Month: June 2020


“What gets me each time is the opening line: “Can I get a Kleenex?”. It’s a strangely personal moment, relatable yet fully hidden and veiled. One doesn’t know what the person needs the Kleenex for; to blow their nose or for something sexual, we don’t know who is being spoken to, we just get pulled into the moment and can relate immediately.”

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LUNGBUTTER – Song(s) For Ewe

“I love this track in particular for its contrast of noisy dissonance and the incredibly catchy sax interlude mid-song. Four and a half minutes into an ominous buildup of monotone vocals and an increasingly persistent mechanical growl, the saxophone busts in with a true earworm and shatters the vibe.”

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BHAJAN BHOY – Song For Ewe

“Top Drawer are one of those most perplexing psych groups. The sole offering “Solid Oak” hints at a sly sense of humour and forces those collectors silly enough to list their album in their eBay searches to endure listing after listing of wooden dressers and cabinets.”

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