Month: April 2021

CEITIDH MAC – Song For Ewe

“I went to Dingle in Ireland about 5 years ago to do a residency with Rushad Eggleston. We started off playing a one note riff, and from that built a whole scope of grooves and melodies. It was a process of breaking things down and rebuilding them with a whole new perspective! When you strip back the spectacle of his show, along with the fictional universe/characters he’s created, he is a phenomenal cellist.”

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TEKE::TEKE – Lucky 7

“Sonically, there’s a lot going on here ; Melodic and traditional licks go hand-in-hand with the more experimental and noise side of T::T. The tribal rhythm section, the psychedelic guitar solo and the trombone one at the end, the break with the quiet flute, the use of the ‘taisho-koto’ (vintage electric mini-koto, kind of like if a type-writer and a slide guitar had a baby), the elements of surprise, the contrasts…”

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