Month: May 2021

HOLLY MACVE – Song For Ewe

“I fell in love with this piece of music after discovering the 1971 film ‘Walkabout’, directed by Nicolas Roeg. The whole soundtrack is so memorable and enchanting. I couldn’t stop thinking about it for weeks afterwards, I was so taken by the beautiful aesthetics and sad story of this film.”

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KIRA SKOV – Song For Ewe

“Despite my deep infatuation with Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Chet Baker I always found jazz vocals to be a really difficult practise. But this album overall transcends the pitfalls of the genre. It’s really a great hybrid that reaches into the future, sounding totally fresh today. Laurie Anderson meets Nina Simone on the Mountain top!”

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“Mick says the label did not belong to him but the only record on JMT not credited to Mick, was for an artist named EASY.
One listen was enough for me to determine this was also Mick Lloyd. Hailing from Maryland, his voice is high, boyish, and often double tracked. This is offset by his delivery which is slow and laconic. Like a 22 year old Eeyore.”

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