Month: July 2021

KEELEY – Song(s) For Ewe

“Wendy and Lisa I’ve learned were part of Prince’s band, and he’s arguably the greatest all-round musician EVER so they must have sensational chops as that cat wouldn’t tolerate anything less than perfection. Voice of the Beehive meanwhile were Power-Pop princesses who made one incredible album – 1988’s Let It Bee – but then seem to have suffered death by A&R and overproduction. Fancy that eh? The perils of major label life! The moral of the story? Indie artists need to be on Indie labels. Bliss-out!”

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“This song on the record just takes me back to high school days, running around in a dreamy haze, imagining what the future clippings would bring. Hearing many influences on this record from Laurie Anderson, to Air, Nina Simone to even hints of Peaches and Grimes but ultimately at the end it is pure Jooj Two.”

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“As a reluctant DJ launched into tours supporting bands I didn’t particularly like at the time, my greatest joy was smashing jazz hipsters in the face with the baddest dn’b I could find. this did that too but in a different way. it taught me alot about what really counts in a heavy piece of music”

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