Month: February 2022


“Megira’s surf rock guitar, bittersweet melodies, and hopelessly romantic lyrics [“…no, no, and you should’t/Don’t say maybe/Maybe today, maybe tomorrow/Tomorrow’s gone…”] remind of a scene from a David Lynch film. I love how timeless this song is, and especially the sound of the rockabilly guitar, knowing it was written in the early 2000s, but it could just as well be dated to the 1960s”

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MATCHESS – Song For Ewe

“Cooper (Cooper Crain, producer and member of Bitchin Bajas, Cave) passed along this record to me a few years ago, and it became a morning tradition in my old apartment. We’d put it on and do our calisthenics and routines. Now it sparks a memory of my psyche in those days, and the horizon snaps into focus when I put it on.”

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KEV HOPPER – Song For Ewe

“…the music harks back to the early days of sampling: sixties avant garde classical with its dissonant eruptions, drones, reversed sections, human voices pitched beyond their natural range and arranged in sequences…and all endowed with all the shortcomings of the nascent technology… but Cristobal Tapia de Veer has somehow managed to revisit and modernise these traits in a very personal, clever and peculiar way.”

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