Month: June 2022

GER EATON – Song For Ewe

“Onto the turntable went Tír na nÓg’s self titled debut from 1971. And what a beautifully pure piece of progressive folk awaited me. Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly’s wonderfully crafted songs shine, with them both playing such instruments as tablas, dulcimer and Moroccan pottery drums!”

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“If we weren’t all worried enough about imminent nuclear annihilation in 1980, Pete Wylie had to introduce us to the horrors of the doomsday clock. What then sounded like a rallying call from the bunker now sounds more like borderline power-pop if not for Wylie’s spirited shouty vocal. Ominously the clock is now set at 1 minute 40 seconds to midnight. Bugger.”

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