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“The thing I really love about the Durutti Column and this song in particular is the simplicity and space. When you’re making instrumental music it can be tempting to fill in all the gaps, but Vini Reilly can take two or three melodic lines and really make the most of them. I can’t think of anything you could add or take away from this to make it any better.”

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“Taking emotional responsibility for my actions often feels impossible because of the abuse I have experienced and the mood and personality disorders I have. In a fight, flight, or freeze situation, I will flee every single time.”

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TEKE::TEKE – Lucky 7

“Sonically, there’s a lot going on here ; Melodic and traditional licks go hand-in-hand with the more experimental and noise side of T::T. The tribal rhythm section, the psychedelic guitar solo and the trombone one at the end, the break with the quiet flute, the use of the ‘taisho-koto’ (vintage electric mini-koto, kind of like if a type-writer and a slide guitar had a baby), the elements of surprise, the contrasts…”

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