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BLUE ORCHIDS “Angus Tempus Memoir” – V.S. ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2022

Blue Orchids have always featured highly in Velvet Sheep’s end of year round-ups, what with our inaugural “song of year” award in 2018 for “Get Bramah” (from “Righteous Harmony Fist”) and a joint award last year for “Deeper Than Sin” (from “Speed The Day”). This year they’ve landed the big one, the award everyone is talking about (in my house in any case), the (toot too, drum roll please) Velvet Sheep album of the year award 2022 for “Angus Tempus Memoir” (Tiny Global Productions)

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“Affiliate Links is the music project of Bradley Davis (who was in the Toronto-based instrumental post-rock band, Fresh Snow, among others). Bradley’s sound on his album, “Enough Light”, is simultaneously loud and gentle. That uniqueness is what caught my attention. It’s why I’ve been listening to it nearly every day”

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BILL NACE – Song For Ewe

“Is MAN considered prog? To some. But I mostly think of them as advance minded speed-freaks that slung a future brand of rock and roll. Yeh! That’s what I’m hearing…. this shit sounds like what I love about kraut rock and the process of weeding out!”

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DEAN SPUNT of NO AGE – Song For Ewe

“It’s insane how this track sounds. Could be a band from DC in ’79/’80, but no, it’s from Austin in ’67. I don’t gel with a lot of the garage rock stuff from then, Nuggets and all that, but some of them are absolute ragers and this is one, a special track ahead of its time”

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GER EATON – Song For Ewe

“Onto the turntable went Tír na nÓg’s self titled debut from 1971. And what a beautifully pure piece of progressive folk awaited me. Sonny Condell and Leo O’Kelly’s wonderfully crafted songs shine, with them both playing such instruments as tablas, dulcimer and Moroccan pottery drums!”

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“On the song “Caucasian Bird Riffles”, Julie Tippetts stands centre-stage. She’s in on the first bar, to minimal piano and Hammond organ accompaniment, singing with little vibrato or inflexion, but with a dominating, glacial presence, as the descending melody line accompanies the opening salvo from Haines”

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“I remember people called it mod punk when it came out even ‘tho they don’t sound anything like The Jam. I think it was probably more because of their fashion and graphics style. But what it is, is an absolute banger of a GREAT record. It’s full of super catchy songs, loud as fuck guitar, great pic slides and really great snotty vocals. It’s also got a bit of an early Dischord sound and attitude”

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