For the eighth explosive episode in a series of mixes which pitch Velvet Sheep versus some of our favourite musical compadres…

Eight is a mystical number, looping eternally, and so its destiny that our guest DJ should be the shamanic figure, BV Hansen aka Brent Hansen former President & CEO of MTV Europe. The charismatic Kiwi used to sign his internal memos’ “Respect” with a smiley face before the term emoji ever existed, and it’s the utmost respect I have for this man, a former boss, company talisman, advocate of mine and Velvet Sheep fanzine, staunch supporter of  Alternative Nation & Toby Amies and a guardian of good music.


We would swap musical notes be it from him extolling the virtues of the Dunedin Sound (he got my Chills multiplying) or for me handing him CDs of Explosions In The Sky. Or him bigging up psych band Maserati and me dropping the Wooden Shjips bomb.

It was a thrill when Brent DJ’ed an awesome set at a Velvet Sheep fanzine live event at the Whitechapel Gallery in the late noughties, and I recreated his playlist in iTunes later so pleased was I with his eclectic rocking mix of The Fugs, Black Rock Arkansas, Dr. Feelgood’s “Milk & Alcohol” and Captain Beefheart’s safe as milk, lovingly wonky “Zig Zag Wanderer”.


Brent at Velvet Sheep @ Whitechapel Gallery, 2009

It was only a matter of time before I asked the legend back to the wheels of steel or whatever the digital equivalent is, and with the engineering skills of Sons’ of Silence band member, former VS mixer and MTV colleague Dan Mudford to capture it (think Steve Albini if he hung out in Tilbury), the President has surpassed himself…

Here’s BV Hansen’s journey into stereophonic sound this time featuring The Chills (natch), aforementioned Wooden Shjips whose Ripley Johnson has graced these pages before with a “song for ewe” plus Justice, Blood Orange and more heady nuggs for you to identify…