For some, big beards & skinny jeans may have replaced long hair & torn denim as rock’s rightful uniform but there is always one constant; Guitars. Loud, heavy, distorted guitars. Cradle rocked in the mining towns of The Copperbelt in Central Africa, BITE THE BUFFALO brothers Stos & Dimitri Goneos are as much known for the fuzz fuelled rocking on their debut LP ‘Blue Lips’, as their beer soaked live gigs. Add to that their video for ‘Polka Dots’ is not only the bastard child of Duck Sauce’s ‘Big Bad Wolf’ and Chesney from Coronation Street, it’s the most twisted & inventive music video we’ve seen in years.

Velvet Sheep’s Phil Knoxville caught up with the brothers beard to find our more about their sonic ramblings, brotherly love & getting an “intravenous trip” from rock Ledgend [SIC] Robert Plant.

The video for Polka Dots is brilliant, what inspired the idea?

We love the video! The idea all came from the weird and wonderful mind of Rhory Daniells (, he presented a basic drawing of the “Beard Box” and we were sold. We definitely wanted something different for this video, it’s such a great platform we decided to have some fun with it!

Is the band’s music fuelled by brotherly love or tension?

Both. Sometimes the riffs might be heavier and beats harder, other times the melodies might be sweeter and harmonies softer, it’s ever changing.

What was it like growing up in a Central African mining town, knowing that all you wanted to do is rock?

It was different and we never really realised that we would be able to become musicians as a full time thing. It didn’t seem like a possibility, but we’re grateful for all the experiences we had growing up and we think they shape our music in a big way.

Tell us about meeting the living legend that is Robert Plant?

It was a very surreal experience. Or as he would put it “an intravenous trip”. We never would have dreamed that we would be sharing a stage with one of the greats!

It was overwhelming, especially considering that his music has shaped rock and roll and always influenced the way our music has been written.

What can people expect from your live shows?

It’s loud, soaked in beer with some heavy riffs, some swinging melodies and we hope people enjoy watching as much as we enjoy playing them.

What’s in store for Bite The Buffalo this summer?

We have a couple of festivals coming up, some really amazing personal highlights and our second album which should be bursting out of the studio in no time.