LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…


Everyone who’s been to Manchester has a similar story to tell; they got stuck behind a slow moving vehicle on the way in; the city was way bigger and way cooler than they were expecting “It’s like London in the North!” they cry; and they saw Mani from the Stone Roses hanging around a street corner. My story’s different, when I first visited Manchester I saw Mani hanging around outside a car park. But whether you’ve been to this great city or not its musical legacy is legendary, so step forward Amplifier, a band who’s trippy grunge credentials feel like a breath for fresh acid for the Manchester scene, with more in common with bands like Soundgarden, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd than the Stone Roses or Oasis.

Known for their mind altering rock, Amplifier deserve your attention, so if you’re new to the group all I can says is “you’re welcome”. Over to the band’s lead singer and guitarist Sel Balamir with his Lucky 7… but before we dip into Sel’s head, full props (can’t believe I just said props) go to him for an injection of the classiest and most classical Lucky 7 this rock n wool website has seen yet.

Sel: Ok – I admit it. I am a complete and utter stereotype. File under  stoner/surf/doom ghost trance spacerock beachbum. That fact that Carl Jung didn’t list this as one of his archetypes just goes to show how he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Anyway – on that basis – here’s my lucky seven classical moments.

1. Ravel – ‘Bolero’
This was a really great piece of music until Torvil and Dean ruined it with their interpretive dance. Here’s Joe Walsh setting the record straight, cut to images of Uncle Sam bombing the fuck out of the Vietnamese.

2. Wagner – ‘Flight Of The Valkeyrieoids’
No – not more bombing of the poor Vietnamese, this time by Robert Duval, but instead some guy being blown to fuck by the sheer power of a Maxell Audio cassette while lounging in a leather sofa from habitat.

He’s sitting like that presumably because Predator has just been in and extracted his spine.

Almost certainly the cassette is a superior chrome model.

3. Muggorsky – ‘Night On Bare Mountain’

There is some debate about whether the correct title is Bare Mountain or Bald Mountain, owing to the translation from Russian.  We’ll go with a Bare Mountain as a Bald Mountain sounds a bit euphemistically unsavoury for a quality piece like this.


Before Mickey Mouse was going full tits with an axe in Disney’s Fantasia digital re-issue in 2002, John Travolta was ripping apart the dance floor to it with moves that required run ups.

Here’s the best of both worlds.

4. Beethoven – ‘Beethoven’s 5th’
Beethoven wrote this dope track specifically to be featured on the Electro 4 mixtape.

It’s always ruined by an orchestra.

5. Carl Orff – ‘Carmina Burana – “O Fortuna”’
Everyone knows that you listen to this while surfing while wearing Old Spice.
Watch this to find success.

6. Holst – ‘Mars’
Famously – Black Sabbath ripped off Mars when designing their signature theme tune “Back Sabbath” – Here’s a proper video – Bands take note.

Less famously – Amplifier ripped off Black Sabbath ripping off Holst on the song “Magic Carpet” when designing the ridiculous opening to 2014’s album Mystoria  – Here’s an 8 bit version

7. Amplifier – ‘Kosmos’
And finally – just because I now get to plug my new album, here’s Kosmos.

Watch it if only to see a Roy Orbison particle emitter AND Buddy Holly’s head being blown out of a trumpet by a clown.


Amplifier’s new album ‘Trippin’ With Dr Faustus’ is out now. To find out more about the band visit: