LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a welcome return to Velvet Sheep fanzine by Band of Holy Joy. I’ll never ever forget seeing Johny Brown coral the crowds at the Marquee Club in my first ever gig (when they supported Terminal Cheesecake). With a fantastic new 10″ EP out on Tiny Global Productions (who’ve also put out the ace new EP by the Nightingales), it seemed like a great excuse, as if I needed one, to get Johny back onto VS but this time to choose a whole set list. And he’s come up with a superb one, not content just to pick a slew of songs he’s put his radio DJ hat on from the weekly Resonance FM residency show Bad Punk and made sure that this Lucky 7/song for ewe mark 2 is one of super segueways….

Not only that but, inspired by his second dibs at VS he extended the mix and put it out as last Friday’s Bad Punk show on 3rd Feb…here’s the ace sheep related flyer he knocked up…

And here’s Johny with his original “song for ewe” choice in the name of completism…


The new EP “Brutalism Begins At Home” is out now, and it features two great slabs of pop lyricism that are both timeless and yet so very now, as if Alan Bennett was a YouTuber. Johny is a dry toaster, dropping his slices of urban observations in the most urbane way, and in a real treat “Come Home To Me” and “Removal Man” both feature their own dub versions/slight returns, stripped right back to the intrinsic rhythms with a soupcon of electro whirlery on top but never overpowering the flavour of the kitchen sink drama. Anyways, enough of my journo bulls*** hyperbole, what did they choose for the Lucky 7 right?

Over to Johny….ps. he’s gone beyond the seven but since we love him/them so much, we’ll wave play on…

“Seven songs to elevate the mood and transport you to another, quite better place awhile.

1. Ashford & Simpson – Bourgie, Bourgie (instrumental)

Puts you in mind of how superb a big city can be when you have the total freedom of it and the absolute desire to explore something.

2. Gladys Knight & The Pips – Bourgie, Bourgie

Everybody wants to be… super bourgeoisie… critique or celebration?

3. Bourgie, Bourgie – Apres Ski

It takes us on a weird tangent to Scotland anyway… Great energetic post Postcard band this and one who had the wit and nous to name themselves after one of the great disco records of the era. Is it Postcard? I don’t know, it’s Scottish and beautiful and that matters, and of course it takes us to the bridge with Captain Collins…

4. Orange Juice – In A Nutshell

Forgive me for wanting to avoid any noise hubris and debris in this play list of songs and opt for the graceful sensibility but the present over kill of post truth ugliness and Trumptown alternative reality prickery has me yearning for a nicely measured touch of charm humility and sentiment tonight. Edwyn never fails to transport, and of course one thing invariably leads to another…

5. Vic Godard & Subway Sect – Make Me Sad

If I were so blessed to be Frank Sinatra in another lifetime I would cover this with but a chimera of content.

6. Grace Jones – La Vie En Rose

I would much rather be Grace Jones though, in Paris, in the rain, at dusk.

7. Odyssey – Inside Out

The elegance of loneliness and cold burn of hurt portrayed.

8. Band of Holy Joy – Come Home To Me

I’m home doing the ironing, I’ve fed the cats, I’m listening to all these lovely songs, but I’m a bit bored, and old, and quite failed, and frankly I’m wondering what fresh adventure it is, you are up to now, out there, in the happening world, hope you see things through, hope you find magic, hope it rubs off on me, has it ever been any different?

9. Band of Holy Joy – Travel To The Far Flung Towns

And if I could be cheeky and throw in one more track, and end as we started with an instrumental of same song, “Travel To The Far Flung Towns” is a dub take of “Come Home To Me”. Whereas Ashford and Simpson open up the Pips song into a glittering invitation into a sparkling city our instrumental here is a collapse of faith in a long forgotten town. 

Hope you get something out of these songs, just where my head is at tonight, good to share the beauty around sometimes. Cheers, Johny

We did cheers mate! Love it, eclecticism incarnate. Fully Holy Joy.

Check out the band’s own site below and where to pick up “Brutalism Begins At Home” too.

And as an extra Brucie Bonus, here’s the enhanced radio version of the playlist from the Bad Punk show on Resonance FM….

a kind of Band of Holy Joy vs. Velvet Sheep…