LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a trio from Belfast who got together after using fridge magnets to concoct rude words at a house party, which is only to be admired, and belies the somnambulant dreaminess of their name Beauty Sleep. Like The Wave Machines meet the Go Team and concocted in the Stereolab they are all about synth grooves, floaty yet insistent Prefab Sprout-esque vocals and a pottymouth sense of humour, what’s not to love.

But what do they love? See if you can guess from this, one of their self released singles “The Dark”…

Beauty Sleep have an EP coming soon called “Nature Will Eat Me” and if it’s anything like what I’ve heard so far, it’s gonna be a feel good classic.

Here’s some of the tunes that Beauty Sleep (aka Aimee, Ryan and Cheylene dream of…)

1. COS/MES – Mescat
This track will bring you right up there to party with the barrel of monkeys in your head. – Aimee

2. Well Done Idles – Well Done
Mary Berry’s got a job so why don’t you get a job? (Actually does Mary Berry still have a job?) – Ryan

3. Blood Orange – Best To You
This song makes me happy in every situation. Smooth sounds, Groovy beats, Happy days <3 – Cheylene

4. Superpitcher – Yves
Almost 20 minutes of total bliss with a wee section to tap the foot to in the middle. Perfect tune for winding down.  Aimee

5. Japanese Breakfast – The Woman That Loves You
Hazed out sad banger, perfect. Great new album too! – Ryan

6. Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe
OK, I love cheesy pop songs too. I spent a whole night driving around Belfast, eating chips and blasting this song out the window with one of my bezzies after a rough day this summer (singing along, dancing along, shouting along!) If that doesn’t make a song fucking awesome, I don’t know what does – Cheylene

The Lucky 7th: Beauty Sleep – Until We See The Sun
Our newest single! We wrote this song right at the start of the band, it was one of the songs that made us believe we were onto something exciting together. It’s also one of our favourite songs to play live!

THANKS TO BEAUTY SLEEP (more about them at their band page below)