LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask bands to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own. Today we feature BOSCO ROGERS!

Bosco Rogers

Bosco Rogers are the duo of Barthélémy ‘Barth’ Corbelet and Delphinius ‘Del’ Vargas. This garrulous Franco-Anglo partnership was born over spilled drinks and a game of pool in Camden’s longstanding cultural flea-pit The Good Mixer, after the pair found themselves signed to the same label while working on different projects several years ago.

Citing influences including The Monks, Suicide, The Gories and The B-52s, the Bosco bros are the antidote to the bleached-out banalities of earnest introspection and tawdry try-hards. Despite their swaggering swashbuckling approach to music, Bosco Rogers should not be mistaken for dilettantes or divs. Barth and Del also have colourful extra-curricular careers that take in all manner of musical endeavours, including production, songwriting and soundtracking films.

For his Lucky 7 Del’s picked some real classics and the man is funny as Axl F too, so check out his brilliant Lucky 7 and the great words that hug each choice.

Over to Del for the Bosco Rogers’ Lucky 7.

1. The Intelligence – ‘Crab In the Pipeline’
Groovy tune, don’t really know too much about this band, one of Barth’s favourites. I could Google them but sometimes it’s best to wonder. Sounds like it was recorded on a 4-track tape machine, all saturated and squishy. Actually, curiosity is getting the better of me. Might Google them, but gonna enjoy a couple more listens through to their album first, as you should do too.

2. The Monks – ‘Higgle-dy-Piggle-dy’
The Monks are pure genius, weirdo garage punk made by American GIs, incubated in Germany. Don’t think they would have been able to make such far out tunes if they were back in the good ol’ USA (or anywhere else for that matter). Men willingly sporting a tonsure shows real conviction. The organ and banjo on this track blows me away with their pure aggression, noise based guitar solo that would put Joey Santiago to shame, a cave man drum motif and nonsense lyrics that make me

smile from ear to ear. What’s not to love? “Way down to heaven, YEAH!”

3. The Moontrekkers – ‘Night Of The Vampire’
Spooky as fuck production! The mix of the dripping wet twangy guitar and dry fuzz tones makes me want to shoot my landlady with a shotgun. In the hands of a lesser man this would have sounded like some twee Shadows-esque instro. Joe Meek doing his usual wonderful weirdness managed to turn this in to one of the heaviest tunes from 1961. Imagine hearing this for the first time when it was released? That’s what I do, every time I listen to it. Makes me feel like I’m listening to music for the first time. Also notable for being banned by the BBC for being “unsuitable for people of a nervous disposition”. Damn straight.

4. Guided By Voices – ‘Game Of Pricks’
There seems to be something other worldly about Bob Pollards’ sense of melody. The songs are dead simple but he takes them somewhere wonderful. His lyrics remind me on Van Dyke Parks, esoteric yet oddly accessible. Or Maybe just odd, I don’t know, gives me a fuzzy warm feeling inside. 5 piece band, influenced by the Beatles and The Who. How come the US got Guided By Voices and the UK got Oasis? It’s a swizz I tells ya.

5. The Halo Benders – ‘Don’t Touch My Bikini’
This is one of the few songs that makes me want to dance. Mashed potato all the way. Calvin’s baritone and Doug’s high pitched vocals are the perfect formula. Can’t imagine a band putting a song out as shambolic yet groovy these days. This is pure musical joy, big influence on Bosco, vibe wise. Made us want to make music we enjoy. Take your music seriously but not yourself.

6. Sparks – ‘When I’m With You’
Bit of a curve ball, off their terminally unpopular yet aptly titled album Terminal Jive (for the record I love this Giorgio Moroder produced bit of disco oddness). Wonderful hooks from both the vocals and the keys. The lyrics encapsulate how awkward I feel the majority of the time, silly and sad all at once. Also, in the video Ron Mael looks like my uncle that I haven’t seen in over 20 years. This makes me smile.

LUCKY 7: Bosco Rogers – ‘Post Exotic’
For our own track, I’m gonna pick the title track from our album Post Exotic, one of Barth’s songs, folk/glam/ska/shuffle, mad mix of genres, one of my favourite guitar parts. Barth’s vocals are great on this, plus I’m playing the cornet in the bolshy brass section (first time since I was 12).

VS: As a special Velvet Sheep treat, Bosco Rogers haven’t just given us their Lucky 7 but an exclusive listen to their new album ‘Post Exotic’, check it out below:

Thanks Del!

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