Brooders  – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

BROODERS are a Psych three piece from Leeds. Boasting dark and twisted turns, their music is brutal on so many fronts. Catchy, heavy grunge riffs are the order of the day, with a 90s Seattle sound like feels refreshing in today’s stale musical climate. Bringing to mind early Pumpkins and the heavier side of Silversun Pickups, their recorded music also accomplishes the rare feat of capturing their live sound. In the feature that blows up what makes bands tick, Brooders fire back with an explosion of choices that gets right under the skin of the band. Over to Brooders with their Lucky 7…


1. Rage Against The Machine – ‘Down Mondeo’
Let’s start off with a classic… We’ve all been huge RATM fans for years now, and it shows in all that we do really. An absolute powerhouse of a band that really showed the world what riffy fuzzy scuzzy rock should be all about. There’s something about this record on a whole (and their entire discography really…) that has aged so nicely next to all the noise of the last 23 years.

2. God Damn – ‘Violence’ 
Possibly the most overlooked band of the last five years. God damn, God Damn are good. The absolute peak of fuzzy, brutal, screamy music in our eyes. Both their albums are absolute belters back to front, but Violence takes the top spot for ferocity. Enough said for this one, but brace for some heavy impact and severe whiplash.

3. Tool – ‘Right In Two’
Yes, we’re jumping on the Tool bandwagon at the moment too… But, why the fuck not? They’re absolutely eye opening, mind blowing and world changing as a band. We’re gonna go with ‘Right In Two’ because of its insane presence, but for anyone who reads this 10,000 Days is a MUST for the collection… Experience this properly though and listen start to finish, and in 1hr15mins you’ll have your marbles scattered around the room, picked back up, glued together and smashed to 10,000 little pieces once again.

4. Mini Mansions – ‘Death Is A Girl’
Mini Mansions up next… A truly captivating super group sort of thing going on here. Sprinklings of all their talents have culminated so perfectly on their three albums (and the numerous B-Side releases) in a way rarely seen in the modern age. Never have I been more hooked on an album in my life than The Great Pretenders. It solidly stayed on loop for months and still gets its circulation whenever I relapse into its unholy grasp.

5. Easy Life – ‘Wet Weekend’ 
A bit of a break from the trend so far, but possibly one of the more exciting things to be coming up and out of the Midlands at the moment. Having grown up with Sam since I was a dribbling mess of a baby I’ve had the pleasure of watching these guys grow from the old-school ‘Park Bench Society’ Indie kids to something far more amazing, captivating and pretty fucking incredible. A delightful balance of intrigue for muso’s and indulgence for those with an ear for good music anywhere. This song is a personal favourite because of Jordan’s beautifully thick synth tone at 1:11. Gets me every time…

6. YAK ‘This House Has No Living Room’
The perfect conclusion to the best album of 2019 so far in our eyes. Absolute raw power fuzz and chunk all the way to the penultimate track, which is then proceeded by this beautifully ambient and moody song that ties the album off with a beautiful tone. A fantastic follow-up to their amazing debut back in 2016, and its been amazing to see them grow so rapidly as a result. Incredible live too and Oli has possibly the loudest rig on the scene at the moment. We like loud.

LUCKY 7: Brooders ‘Down’
Oh, and heres something we’ve thrown together. This is our 4th single release of the year that we’ve been working on through the support of Help Musicians UK (a brilliant cause that all musicians should stand behind). We’re actually really proud of this, and its been a looooong time coming, and it’s the perfect mood to match that middle-of-year-lull. Not quite summery, but not too daunting to dampen the mood. We have two more singles to go still though, and the best is yet to come. We’re so ready… Are you?