LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Charlotte Carpenter

Blues music comes in many forms. It’s a feeling and an expression; a purity through sound that gets right to the core of the listener and directly delivers the emotion and message in the music. Northampton-born musician Charlotte Carpenter understands this more than most. She’s both an exceptional guitarist and singer, with a song writing talent that is way beyond her young years and life. She’s the true embodiment of blues; out there, doing it on her own, taking her music and stories to the people across the UK and Europe, managing her own affairs, choosing her own destiny. This isn’t some ‘strong woman’ cliché; this is just how Charlotte deals with the burning desire to express within music. It isn’t a choice, it’s just something she has to do.

Ahead of the release of her new ‘Shelter’ EP and UK tour, Charlotte does us the great honour of providing Velvet Sheep with her refreshingly honest Lucky 7. Over to Charlotte…

1. Feist – ‘From The Basement – Undiscovered First’
I remember watching this when I was recording in the studio a few years back. My producer saved it for me, and I completely fell head over heels for Feist. The guitar sound is gorgeous and the ladies she has with her doing really minor percussion is so intriguing to watch.

2.  Bonnie Raitt – ‘Love Me Like A Man – Live’
I love everything Bonnie is and has ever done. She’s a pioneer for young women and I love this video of young Bonnie, it’s so authentic, exciting and encouraging to watch.

3. Blake Mills – ‘Don’t Tell Your Friends About Me – Live’
Me and the band went to see Blake play in London, and I’ve never been so mesmerised by live guitar in my life. He’s a real talent and this song is gut wrenchingly beautiful.

4.  Sheryl Crow – ‘If It Makes You Happy – Live’
Early Crow is the best of all time. I wish I could write a song like this, the whole 90’s singer/songwriter vibe is my absolute favourite era. This is a regular play in my car.

5. Brandi Carlile – ‘The Story – Live’
This song came into my life at a time when I needed it the most. It has made me cry on so many solo car journeys, and the album it’s from has gone straight to my Top 5. It’s so honest and speaks volumes to the poor and vulnerable singer/songwriter in me.

6. Bruce Springsteen – ‘If I Should Fall Behind’
I love Brucey, especially his more emotive songs like this and the entire Nebraska record. This hits the sweet spot, of being such a simple arrangement and meaning. I love to listen to this on my own, eyes closed, headphones on. I crave to write a song as heartbreaking as this.

Lucky 7. Charlotte Carpenter – ‘Shelter’
This is a brand new song of mine, and my lucky 7! I’ve been on on a journey this year, growing into the woman I’ll be for the foreseeable future and feeling more confident as a musician, making braver decisions and being more honest, I think this song embodies that very well.

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Monday 23rd October – The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
Tuesday 24th October – Open, Norwich
Wednesday 25th October – Star Inn, Guildford
Thursday 26th October – Record Junkee, Sheffield
Friday 27th October – The Cookie, Leicester
Sunday 29th October – Surf Cafe, Tynemouth (free entry)
Wednesday 1st November – St Pancras Old Church, London

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