LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today, it’s a new garage band from London on my old mate Luke Reilly’s (Sex Beet/The Lusts) excellent Stockholm based PNKSLM label – Chemtrails were founded / are fronted by partners in crime, music and life Mia Lust and Laura Orlova. Their debut album is called “Calf of the Sacred Cow” following their 2016 first single “Aeons” and two subsequent EPs. The first EP “Toxic Wasteland” was about “savagery and spirituality in a post-apocalyptic world” while the second “Headless Pin Up Girl” features Mia Lust totally opening up with a first hand account of her place in society as a transgender woman. It’s fair to say that this band takes no prisoners and pulls no punches, and while the music is fuzzy the logic definitely isn’t, and some of the song titles are up there with the best Thee Oh Sees can offer, like “A Beautiful Cog In The Monolithic Death Machine”. Driven by a Farfisa not played with as much vim since MAKE-UP or Crystal Stilts, it’s as insistently catchy and more-ish as The Black Lips or The Undertones and as stylish as Chain & The Gang and for that I wanna know and hear more…unlike the conspiracy theory of the chemtrails in our skies check out the conspiratorial vigour of the band Chemtrails in practice on terra firma near you…but in the meantime…

…to find out more about what makes the band tick, it’s over to them…for a storming Lucky 7…

1. Demon’s Claws – Shadow Of A Castle

On Mia’s 18th birthday she dropped acid during a meteor shower with Luke from PNKSLM and they listened to this song on repeat. They thought they were gonna take off! Luke recently saw Demon’s Claws play (the singer was wearing only his boxers) and he told them that story. Needless to say, they were honoured.

2. Sheer Mag – Expect The Bayonet

We’ve become obsessed with Sheer Mag recently – really love how they’ve managed to salvage only the good parts of 70s hard rock, leaving the awful parts behind (e.g. the hairstyles and casual misogyny). “Expect the Bayonet” is one of our favourites – super catchy and happy sounding, while the lyrics are a flat out declaration of war against the man.

3. Can – Mother Sky

A nearly fifteen minute proto-punk epic from 1969 by archetypical krautrock band Can. It has this unique and savagely meticulous sound only Germans can make – well, Germans and Damo Suzuki. Supposedly this song was a blueprint for pretty much all electronic music.

4. Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love 

We first listened to Connan Mockasin on a New Year’s Day at about 8am after a long long night of shenanigans. We first thought it sounded disgusting. This feeling then transformed into a perverted attraction and ultimately turned into joy. “Forever Dolphin Love” sounds haunting and beautiful while still retaining the unfathomable weirdness of all of Connan’s stuff.

5. Robbie Basho – Orphan’s Lament

Our friend Steve, who does all our artwork, introduced us to Robbie Basho – an American 60s folk singer who trained with Indian sarod players. In this song he plays piano though. If you don’t think it’s beautiful you probably don’t have a soul.

6. OCS (Thee Oh Sees) – The Guilded Cunt

It’s hard to pick a favourite OCS song – there are too many – but “The Guilded Cunt” is definitely one of them. It’s a lot calmer and more dreamlike than the name suggests.

The Lucky 7th – Chemtrails – A Beautiful Cog in the Monolithic Death Machine

This one was really fun and fast to write and record. There’s a part of Mia that would love to just make every song into a garagey wall of noise. In this track we let that side out for a bit, added a dash of pop and then, for reasons that made sense at the time, a Scottish highland intro.


“CALF OF THE SACRED COW” LP IS OUT NOW…check out the Bandcamp link hither…