LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…


CLEOPATRICK are the most exciting new band to hit the music scene in a decade. Primal distortion colliding with killer tunes; This what Godzilla would sound like if someone gave the Tokyo destroyer a Turbo Distortion pedal. If CLEOPATRICK aren’t going to the next big thing, then there’s something seriously wrong with this world. I mean, there’s already a lot wrong with this planet but if that happens this is last straw territory.

CLEOPATRICK’S debut album ‘BUMMER’ is an incredible blast through 10 of the best fuzzed-out rock songs you’ll hear this side of a global pandemic. Loud guitars propelled forward by unrelenting drums and hooks you could hang your life on. CLEOPATRICK are legends in waiting; they’re Royal Blood for anyone tired of listening to Radio 1 die a slow death. CLEOPATRICK are an intense early Soulwax, before the Dewaele bros discovered electronica and anonymity. Each song on ‘BUMMER’ feels like it was recorded at a sweaty gig, moist bodies in the mosh pit, feet sticking to a floor carpeted with beer and piss. COVID has been a major arsehole and CLEOPATRICK are here to remind you of exactly what’s been taken from us. This is a band waiting in the wings of greatness, it’s the looming sound of freedom and CLEOPATRICK should be on everyone’s roadmap out of this joint.

Over to the band with their Lucky 7…


1. DRAKE – ‘STAR67’

‘Star67’ is Drake at his best, in my opinion. This song has and always will be a huge inspiration to me and my writing. With cleopatrick being a two piece, we only have 4 basic layers to work with in our songs. Drums, vocal, guitar and bass. If you swap the guitar layer for a “sample” this is essentially the same basic 4 layer recipe that’s used in the majority of our favourite hip hop records. I love the challenge of rearranging these 4 basic layers in order to create a piece of music that feels complex, despite its foundational simplicity. CLEOPATRICK is all about these basic, primal moments. We are obsessed with builds and drops. We typically write around looped guitar riffs and put a lot of focus onto the lyrics and vocal melodies. Then we build momentum, emotion and energy to our songs by adding or removing layers accordingly. That’s our formula — and I learned that from Drake… not Led Zeppelin. 


I only found this song last year, but since then it has been a massive inspiration to me — mostly because it just goes so fucking hard. It’s another fantastic example of the simplest layers being orchestrated to create a really amazing sense of momentum. Simplicity is what rocks the hardest!!


This song changed my life. This is real guitar music. NRM.



Tame Impala are hugely influential to me, not only because of Kevin’s incredibly crafted drum sound but because I feel like I can see where the different elements and influences come from in his music.  Almost every day I think about the concept of combining my favourite elements from rock music and implementing those things with drums, that are heavily influenced by so much of the hip hop I love. I see Kevin, who successfully takes elements from different genres and puts them into something that is truly his own. It’s slick, huge and incredibly inspiring to me.  Especially in this track, the drums sound organic but still feel choppy and tight like a sequenced drum machine. Listening to this track really inspires me to continue finding my own path in a similar sort of lane.


Arctic Monkeys came into our lives at a very early stage in this band. Both Luke and I were fans of AM in high school but it wasn’t until after that we discovered the incredible catalogue of music that we would soon fall in love with. The first few years of CLEOPATRICK was soundtracked by the first two Arctic Monkeys records almost exclusively. I think these albums really showed us the importance of sonic energy in music, accompanied by messages and words that have both personal and emotional weight.


This is my favourite type of hip hop. Simple heavy beats with clever and thought out lyrics. The way I feel listening to this record is how I want people to feel when they come to a cleopatrick show or listen to us on their favourite headphones or speakers.


If there was one song that we had to choose to represent our band sonically, this would be the track. This is us embracing that basic four layer formula to the max. It took a very very long time for us to get this song right, but we couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. THE DRAKE is the accumulation of all our biggest influences, filtered through a unique kind of rock production we’ve been hearing in our heads since we started this band. This track was born from a guitar and drum loop on my college laptop, built like a hip hop beat, and reworked and re-demoed 4 or 5 times before we brought it out on the road with us and carefully studied the way crowds reacted as we played it. We let the energy of our live show dictate the final arrangement, and then produced it (along with our debut album) in a basement with our 21-year old friend Jig Dubé.

CLEOPATRICK’S excellent new album ‘BUMMER’ is out now in all good record stores. And if you can’t find any record stores left check-out Apple Music, Spotify etc.