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LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists and music folk to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…today it’s a band who tesselate synthesisers with synesthesia. Collectress are replete with cognitive dissonance, and creative transigence and they’ve got a brand new shape shifting second album called “Different Geographies” out now on Peeler Records. It may only be a second full length but this originally London & Brighton based co-op were ignited from the will to put together an all-female multi-instrumentalist chamber music collective and have been collaborating together for twenty or so years. Individually, the members of Collectress have worked with such indie cognescenti as Philip Selway (Radiohead), Penguin Cafe, Bat For Lashes and Evan Parker, but together they create perfect synergies with circadian cellos, krautrock driving synths, jaggedy violins and homespun percussion, to make cinematic soundscapes to lose yourselves in, perfect for these times when music can medicate against the uncertainty of the World outside.

“Different Geographies” was a nod to the now scattered nature of their work, and the space between them both physical and metaphysical. The video for song “Landing” features footage from the Metaxourgio carnival in Greece, “a visual exploration and reflection on community, anarchy, kindness and welcome” and although at the moment we can’t enjoy such carnival style carousing, or indeed travel much further than our own four walls, as Matt Goss said recently (and unironically) we can travel anywhere in our own heads, and Collectress offer the perfect soundtrack.

Here is another one with a more Neu! style vibe, and some iridescent Len Lye inspired images….it’s called “Mauswerk” – Jan St. Werner would be proud.

Collectress have chosen a pleasingly esoteric mix of tunes – a mix of bleeding heart cutting edge, pastoral calm and acquiescent beauty…we’re all in this together, our own Collectress syle collective of kindred spirits – so join Quinta, Alice, Caroline and Rebecca with a playlist to transport you to a evocative, parallel world….

1. Gazelle Twin – Little Lambs – Quinta
I went to see Gazelle Twin perform Pastoral at EartH and it was one of the best gigs I’ve been to in AGES. She totally spoke to the political moment, was a dazzling performer and made me feel excited about music again. Fantastic.

2. Nils Økland – Månelyst – Alice

I first saw Nils play with Christian Wallumrod Ensemble at Spitalfields market in around 2001. His playing reminds me how powerfully music can evoke otherwise ineffable aspects of place.

3. Smog – Say Valley Maker – Quinta 

Bill Callahan is a great story teller. The lyrics of this song blow my mind every time. And the drums as they gather pace at the end.

4. Vaughan Williams – Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis – Caroline

Vaughan Williams creates beautiful pastoral compositions based upon motifs from choral and folk music. The music for me, evokes epic landscapes and a connection to something much greater than ourselves.

5. Philip Glass – Einstein On The Beach: Knee Play 1- Caroline

I saw the opera in London 2012. I absolutely love the counterpoint of rhythm and melody within the music itself and alongside the choreography of Lucinda Childs. A meditation on time and space.

6. Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians – Rebecca  

It is very moving to watch this piece being performed, the musicians are synchronised in a way that requires such individual focus to make it work as a whole, like a machine yet it is terribly human in its sound. 

The Lucky 7th: Collectress – Roaming Bones – Different Geographies 2020

“Roaming Bones, a piece that intentionally combines all previous explorations and guides us to a deliberately ambiguous conclusion”. Folk Radio 28th February 2020
The piece originated from experiments with a robotic drumming machine which allowed us to focus on developing the texture of the piece; the piano’s repeated motif supports the cellos’ songline which takes you somewhere else quite sublime.

check it out here:



Unfortunately because of you know what, the tourdates are off for the time being, but do check out “Different Geographies” and keep up to date with the band here…