LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a new-ish but super special punk band from San Francisco called Culture Abuse. They’re fronted by an amazing singer called David Kelling, a hardcore hero in the making. He has cerebral palsy but doesn’t suffer from it, and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. They recently got the Old Blue Last in a sweaty frenzy, and a punk pal with unquestionable taste told me that they are the best live band he’s seen this year. With a sound that’s kind of Buzzcock-esque vox over Black Flag riffs and rambunctious Replacements ruckuses, they had a debut album out last year called “Peach” and have recently signed to Epitaph. Apparently the demos coming through are amazing, so I wait with bated breath.

But while my breath bates, here’s a bite from the peach…

followed by some other second album hors d’oeuvres…in the shape of what bassist Shane Plitt and the band have been listening to lately…

1. Lifetime – Northbound Breakdown
Lifetime’s self-titled record just got added to Apple Music recently and I hadn’t listen to that album since one of Culture Abuse’s first tours. It’s been on repeat while I’m riding in the trunk to the Q factory. One of my all-time sing along in van records.

2. Corbin – Ice Boy
I first heard of Corbin when I was at A festival in LA put on by our boys called Nature World Night Out. He was a standout live and he performed this song and his vocals gave me chills. Very chill vibes.

3. Jidenna – Bambi 
June Bug (our guitarist) played this song in the rental when we were driving through Italy from practice one day and it became my soundtrack to the flight to Amsterdam. It’s a good airport song ‘cause it’s hard to feel annoyed when it’s jamming.

4. The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait’ (Tim Version)
The electric version of this song that is on the Reissue of “Tim” is so raw and Westerberg’s lyrics on this version are way better than the “Pleased to Meet Me” version. I have been reading the excellent biography “Trouble Boys” by Bob Mehr and I listen to this song constantly.

5.  Jawbreaker – West Bay Invitational
I can’t believe I’m playing Riot Fest on the same day as Jawbreaker. Yes I have a Jawbreaker tattoo. “We’re having a party. Please come.”

6. Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love
Since their new record came out I haven’t been able to get this beat out of my head. The bass on this song has such a classic tone and the chorus is so catchy.

The Lucky 7th: Culture Abuse – So Busted
David came up with this song around the time “Peach” came out and had been brewing on it for a while and he just laid it down one day in our guitarist Nick’s living room and a hit was born!

Check it out on Spotify


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