LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a band that I only heard of recently to my shame. I saw that Jennifer Denitto of Linus (and The Wimmins Institute) was off to see them on a bill with the band Foxcunt and Jennifer being an original VS fanzine interviewee (in fact one of the first – and now FB friend) and an arbiter of cool, I checked this band out. And they possibly the most exciting punk band out there. They are The Ethical Debating Society! And I already love them.

They are founder member Tegan Christmas (far right), Eli Tupa and Kris Martin and they’ve been going as band since 2009, so when they’re an overnight success you’ll know it’s been a hard earned tour of duty. Early on they were name-checked by ex Melody Maker writer (and inventor of grunge!) Everett True and featured on Brighton’s Tuff Enuff Records 2012 comp “Why Diet When You Can Riot?” A gig with Shrag led to them sharing a split single with fellow VS favs Skinny Girl Diet, and the released a debut album in 2015 called “New Sense” (something they like to make of themselves) on Odd Box Records. They were hand picked to support Jack Off Jill at their last ever show at Heaven and supported Shonen Knife on their London date last year. They also had a song called “Razor Party” feature in the John Peel Festive 50 memorial list in 2015, and I’m sure Peelie would defo approve.

Most recently, they featured on the Loud Women’s Records “Loud Women – Volume One” album, had one on “Kobayashi I: Intergalactic Champions” comp and released a digital download benefit song for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Pic by James Birtwhistle

I knew that tEDS LUCKY 7 list would be fantastic, a heady incendiary blend of riot grrrl and post punk, and I know that I would most definitely have been writing about them back in the day of the original zine, when I was lucky enough to be flogging it at Huggy Bear gigs, the Laurel Tree, Rough Trade etc. I feel like I’ve known this band all my zine hack life. So without further ado, it’s over to Tegan and Kris for their song choices…

ps. alternating between Kris’s choices (he’s pictured below) and Tegan’s…

Picture by Keira Anee

1. Public Image Ltd – Public Image
On paper it’s just someone slating their old manager, but the vocal is pure life-affirmation. Kraut drums, avant guitar and the first bassline anyone wants to learn. Perfect.

Next up, Tegan’s choice – Tegan pictured below too!

Pic by David Garcia

2. Huggy Bear – Pansy Twist
Inspiring to those who think they can’t. After hearing this, it becomes clear that all we need is the will to DO something, and a bit of an idea, even if it’s not fully formed. Music doesn’t need to be polished, it needs only the drive to make it happen.

Kris’s choice: 3. Bikini Kill – New Radio
Always loved loved loved loved this. A riot pop roar of youth/life/freedom and fuck you to the straight world. The b-sides were great too. Their best record.

Tegan’s choice: 4. Lady Gaga – Teeth
A pop song with a nice swing. It’ll get stuck in your head for days, even if you think you hate her. A small work of genius, this.

Kris’s choice: 5. The Tuts – Con Man
There’s a chord change in this that‘s so good that when I first heard it I nearly cried. Bare songwriting skills. Never underestimate this band!

Tegan’s choice: 6. Bis – Burn The Suit
The soundtrack to my early days, and another perfect pop song. This proves that pop rears it’s head everywhere, not just stadium stages. Again, be prepared to have this in your head for longer than you possibly want!

The Lucky 7th: And finally, our song:

The Ethical Debating Society – Sum of my Parts
A song about the frustrations of not being recognised for the plethora of talents that are hidden within us, especially in a male dominated world…and also about fictional serial killers exhibiting bodies as “art”.

Thanks to tEDS…

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