LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…today it’s a new signing to one of the best record labels in the world – Kill Rock Stars, an exhilarating band called Foxx Bodies originally from Tucson, now based in LA. They’ve already grabbed my lug holes and shaken my head enough to play their cover of Sleater-Kinney’s “One More Hour” for the KRS thirtieth anniversary singles series on a recent Velvet Sheep radio show, and I have to say their new album “Vixen” (keeping in with the fox theme) out on 5th November is full of fireworks (aptly for UK’s bonfire night release date).

Normally sheep and foxes are not a healthy mix, for the sheep at least, but it’s hard to resist the agitational pull of “Vixen”, full of pent up first hand horror stories in the barbed larynx spirit of the early key bands on the label like Bikini Kill, Heavens To Betsy and Bratmobile. Even though vocalist Bella Vanek has clearly lived through some uncomfortable personal moments with regards to mental illness, gender, sexuality and traumatic abuse, the delivery is monstrously instant and hooky, while the lyrics get right under your skin and make you itch like fibrous morgellons.

Along with guitarist Bailey Moses, bassist Matt Vanek, and drummer Adam Bucholz, although Foxx Bodies were formed and booked with Tucson local hero Lando Chill asking them to open his album release gig without ever having heard a note, their unconventional and scratchy surf improv start has given way to an undeniably taut and pummelling backing to Bella V’s poised assault.

All of the band have chipped in here with some intriguing song picks to give a flavour of the Foxx Bodies DNA but before we launch headlong into the audiac abyss, please stop off in this “Room” first…

1. Grimes – Oblivion
This video is visually stunning and she is around a bunch of men and doesn’t seem to be phased by it even though the song is about being scared of men – Bella

I like this music video a lot. It’s very personal and fun. I appreciate how PUP lets their fans in on the fun, like giving a proper goodbye to a sentimental car. It reminds me of when my band and I sawed our couch in half because it wouldn’t fit in my doorway. It was gross anyway. Good times on that couch though. I like that the video lets the band members’ personalities shine. Their continuity with the chameleon was a nice touch as well, although I wonder about those turtles in the center console. All around chaotic good – Adam

3. MGMT – Me and Michael
I saw this music video when I was really high and it just hit the spot. Such a funny but epic video that keeps you engaged the whole time. —Bailey

4. I Set My Friends on Fire – Things That Rhyme With Orange
I saw this video recently for the first time. It’s nostalgic and down to earth. The message is positive and nobody’s taking themselves too seriously. What more do you want? —Matt

5. Torres – Three Futures
Yeah no shit I love it, I made the music video for “Room.” — Bella

6. Charlie Day – The Best Song
“The Best Song” by Charlie from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” is definitely one of our favorites. Not really a music video per say, but IASIP entered our lives around the same time as “My Favorite Murder”, when Foxx Bodies was formed. It has been part of the foundation of the band since the beginning. We always turned practice into pizza and “It’s Always Sunny”; it was our post-practice ritual. Our last photo shoot was even in front of Paddy’s Pub. Coincidentally, we also sing about ghouls.

Said press photo shot in front of “Paddy’s Pub” from “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”.

Photo credit: Rochelle Shipman

The Lucky 7th: Foxx Bodies – Runaway
“Runaway” is short, quick, and to the point. Taking emotional responsibility for my actions often feels impossible because of the abuse I have experienced and the mood and personality disorders I have. In a fight, flight, or freeze situation, I will flee every single time. Blame everything on me if you need to, but I will be hiding in a bathroom somewhere crying and wishing I were dead. I don’t runaway; I’m just gone. — Bella


“Vixen” is out on 5th November on Kill Rock Stars

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And another bonus Foxx Bodies video from the album…