FUDGE.  – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…


In their brief and eventful existence, FUDGE. have already made significant waves.

There are some who are starting to make observations that FUDGE. are the best young band in the country. They have a confidence, an attitude, a danger. They write songs that hit you like a hammer; songs that have encouraged observers to talk about them in the same breath as Rage Against the Machine, Skepta, The Prodigy, Royal Blood, Dizzee Rascal and The Streets.

Anyone who has witnessed FUDGE. live will know it’s a staggering spectacle, verging on the edge of chaos and threat, as band members launch into the mosh pit whilst still playing their instruments, but always watching each other’s back, always watching the audience’s back. Their songs may have an air of violence and menace but a blanket of compassion and unity hovers over FUDGE. and they will always ensure that none of the good people will be harmed in the making of this band.

Over to FUDGE. with their Lucky 7…

1. Audioslave – ‘Cochise’
This is one of those songs that we all just had in our heads for such a long time, and it kind of redefined how we write songs too. It’s the big riff that made us realise we like big riffs… not to mention Chris Cornell’s vocal range on this track. It just has balls from the offset and we like balls…

2. Biffy Clyro – ‘Living Is a Problem’
This song’s elaborate introduction proper sparked our attention. It was more mine [Otto] and Cam’s song because we just listened to it on repeat for such a long time. It’s got a proper breakthrough chorus and a nice and dirty pre-chorus riff. The weird phrasing towards the back end of the chorus really intrigued me, we really like songs that have subtleties to them like that. It was a massive influence for a song we wrote called ‘Of Course We’re Fucking Loud’; we’re thinking of bringing that one back due to popular demand.

3. Slaves – ‘White Knuckle Ride’
So, Slaves in general get a phat yes from us. We rate the lighthearted approach, and we go by it too. The songs are great in their own, stripped back punk kind of way and Slaves was a big indicator to us that we can actually just write whatever we want. There’s no need to try and be the next Catfish and The Bottlemen, in fact, there’s a crazy over-saturation of that kind of sound at the moment and it’s something we work quite hard to avoid! This song has got that ballsy vocal that demands you listen to it. Then you get to the chorus where they hit that halftime riff. MATEEEE … we loved that, it’s a proper skank of a riff.

4. Strange Bones (Skepta) – ‘Energy’
WHAT A TUNE. This song gets us hyped at any time. It also opened the door for us to look at doing some of the mashups that we do; they managed to make it sound pretty raw and we loved the combination between the punk and grime scene.

5. Arctic Monkeys – ‘This House Is a Circus’
Party tune with bollocks. A proper get you up, moving and chanting the words (whether you know them or not) song. We don’t tend to look too deeply into songs, maybe if there’s an interesting time signature or something then we’ll notice it but I think it’s important to enjoy music as a music fan, rather than over analyse it. The song just creates a sick vibe and we rate that.

6. Foals – Inhaler
RISE. RISE. RISE. TENSION. BOOOOOOM. Huge riff at the end of a really well put together build up. I kind of like this song as well because they hid the best part of it so far from the beginning. It kind of stops it being too popular because it doesn’t catch you straight away, but I think that’s a good thing sometimes. I love the clinky sounding guitar at the end of the song as well.

LUCKY 7: Fudge – ‘Not A Threat, Just A Warning’
We wrote this song to have the kind of vibe that would rile someone up and put them in the mood to take on the world; to do something with their lives. It’s a little dig at people who don’t think for themselves. The people that are drip fed content by mainstream media and seldom choose to look beyond that. It’s a nod to the fact that the entire world is fucking bored of people reproducing the same bullshit that they have been for years, and it’s time to change that.