Kills Birds photo by Michelle Laine

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…today is the turn of an LA-based band called Kills Birds whose new track “Worthy Girl” Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth has colourfully described as “hot as fuck”, which is high praise indeed. The band began as a secret project in 2017 between vocalist Nina Ljeti – an award-winning Bosnian-Canadian film maker and guitaist Jcob Loeb and is now a fully fledged band including Fielder Thomas on bass and the aptly named Bosh Rothman on drums. With Nina urgent like Kathleen Hanna, explosive like Karen O and the band wound tight like The Jesus Lizard, they’re a prospect that’s electrifying, terrifying and strangely edifying. Signed to KRO Records by owner/producer Justin Raisen (Marisa Nadler, Angel Olsen etc), he’s also produced their debut album “KILLS BIRD” due out 20 September. Time’s right to find out more of what makes the band tick, but first here’s a video “Worthy Girl” directed by Nina herself.

If you like that there’s a vid later that could be considered the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) since it’s got a load of goats in it, innit? But first, here’s some tunes that totally kill it according to Kill Birds…


1.Aphex Twin- Windowlicker

First, this track is amazing. I love Aphex Twin. Windowlicker was my entry point to him and every time I listen to it, I discover something new. But side note— this music video is also fucking amazing. Chris Cunningham is a genius. One of my favorite directors ever. I wish he still made music videos. I wish he could do one of our videos.

2.Kemal Monteno- Sarajevo, Ljubavi Moja

This song always makes me think of my parents. To my Mom, Kemal Monteno was her musical idol. When he died a few years ago, she cried. I didn’t realize there was an artist that held such importance to her. This song in particular has a very heavy connotation. It was written before the war, but took on a different meaning after. Especially for my parents, who had to suddenly leave Sarajevo (where we lived when the war started). Then, they watched the city fall from in Canada– which was a completely foreign place to them. They were so brave to leave everything they knew, to start over. Remembering that they did this gives me strength in dark times.


3.Codeine – Loss Leader

devastatingly empty with one of the best abrupt chorus drops ever. shit smacks.

4.This Mortal Coil – Tarantula

goth glory. sublime.


5. KRS-One- Wannabemceez

“My brother showed me krs-one when I was a little kid; it was completely different than the type of music I was used to. I fell in love with the cadences of the vocal and the way that each line of the song had meaning. It felt like very intentional stuff lyrically and up until that point song lyrics had always been an afterthought to me. This song shows the intricacies of krs one’s wordplay very well.”


6. PJ Harvey- Man-Size

Pj Harvey’s fearlessness and true rawness on “rid of me” changed my whole musical experience. Her honest performance and that priceless drum sound recorded by Steve Albini inspired me to work with Albini with my first band Living Things.

The Lucky 7th: Kills Birds – Jesus Did

This track really encapsulates the record, and we love playing it live.