LULU LEWIS – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…Today it’s the return of an ice cool yet white hot band from New York that we’ve been keen on for a while now on the verge of releasing their debut album on Ilegalia Records.

As satisfying as an Oreo cheesecake at the Figaro cafe, as biting as a glug of Bourbon, Lulu Lewis – consisting of Dylan Hundley (actor, Metropolitan, director and punk rock siren) and Pablo Martin (member of the Tom Tom Club and musical virtuoso) are real life partners as well as partners in crime, and their symbiosis is total. Understated and yet arch, cutting and yet classy, it’s like Lene Lovich fronting the Velvet Underground. They’ve got a brand new gothic video with a deer at its heart (not hart) and they unsurprisingly have discerning taste in music too….

Picture by Johan Vipper

What makes these self-professed Harlem punks tick? Here’s Lulu Lewis’ Lucky 7…

Pablo Martin’s Choices –

1. Peter and the Test Tube Babies – Banned from the Pubs

Woke up one morning 30 years later (at least) with this song in my head. I was working on Rock the Deer and I guess the Ipod of my brain was shuffling and wanted to mix it w something alike. I might propose the band to do a live medley with the two songs just to see what kind of looks I get back.

2. The Cramps – Elvis Fucking Christ

Every time I hear the line that says “You might go to Devry Beauty School or get a job, Or you might join a cult of evil heart lads like me, YEAH! ELVIS FUCKING CHRIST” just cracks me up. I admire how esoterically funny the Cramps can be.

3. Jeffrey Lewis – Systematic Death

I always thought that Crass was literally unlistenable but thank’s to this fantastic album (12 Crass song by Jeffrey Lewis), I went back and listened to original versions and I had to admit it they were actually really good. Years later, I get it ,not to the point to adopt the anarcho-hippie life style cuz I do like to take a shower every day but yeah, Good shit.

Dylan’s Choices –

4. Butthole Surfers – Dust Devil

I got this one from Pablo. I just adore the chronic, evil guitar on this track and their general insanity. Every time I listen to Rock the Deer I think of it as our Butthole Surfers song.

5. Tuxedomoon – No Tears

I somehow missed this along the way! We were at the closing party of the NY rock club The Continental back in December and one of the DJ’s, old school dude named Steve Lewis, put this on and I was like “what the fuck is this?!” and ran off dancing. Yes, totally appealing to my gothic, synth heart.

6. The Dead Weather – Die by the Drop

I just keep revisiting this one honestly. This was their first single I think. Not usually a lover of the whole super group thing but, let’s get real, killer band. Every one of them. Love the video for this track too.

Lucky 7!!

Lulu Lewis – Rock the Deer

Pablo – Rock the Deer is like reading the Sunday Times in a meth cooking trailer park.

Dylan – Yes, our 1:39 of our insanity and now evolving deer character. We’re enjoying him. Expect to see him more. He has plans.

thanks to Dylan Hundley & Pablo Martin – Lulu Lewis

the debut album is coming soon, keep ’em peeled…