LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a band who I’ve written about a load, and no wonder because they combine a heavy, heavy monster sound of thrash with full self awareness, a sense of fun and a devil may care attitude. As they say they’re just “3 dudes with the desire to slay”. From Chicago and on Thrill Jockey records, it’s Oozing Wound!


Oozing Wound, photo by Joe Martinez Jr.

The Ooze have just visited the UK to tour new (third album proper) “Whatever Forever” and it’s an album which takes no prisoners and talks no bullshit. In short they’re rocking and rolling and oozing and having fun. Check out the full on Georgia O’Keeffe style cover below…a full flora trip.


Guitarist and singer Zack has already been on these pages choosing his “song for ewe”…


but since I can’t get enough of the Ooze (see other articles below…)…




I thought I’d get them back in to choose a Lucky 7 songs…and they’re a motley crew of songs if not a Motley Crue of bands…

Over to the guys…


1. Everly Brothers – I Wonder if I Care As Much

A great song for crying into your pillow over and over again as you wonder, how the fuck did we get to where we are? Also great for break ups, deaths, bad news, sad news, news, funeral processions and just about anything related to the election and the ensuing aftermath. Play it about 30 times in a row for maximum effect. There’s another version from 1968 where they try and turn into a rock/country tune in the vein of the Byrds or Flying Burrito Brothers, but this is the real jammer right here.

2. Beach Boys – Big Sur (Unreleased Version)

Anyone who talks to me about music will quickly find the only band I really give a shit about is the Beach Boys. Greatest American rock band, bar none. (If you are curious, 2nd place goes to the Stooges, then CCR). I love nearly all eras of the band, there’s even a few gems that magically, horrifically never got released. On Holland there is a version of this song as part of the “California Saga”, and for whatever reason they changed the time signature, tempo, and just about everything that makes this version dreamy as fuck. I fantasize about Mike Love’s version of California because it seems like the most beautiful place you’ll never get to go. For all the Mike Love haters out there (and believe me I am one of them) this is his crowning achievement. The only time he could ever claim he had the chops to rival Carl Wilson as the second visionary of the band.

3. Platinum Boys – Downtown

Platinum Boys slay the day and rule the night! This rock and roll ain’t stepped on! it’s pure primo, baby!

4. Paper Mice – 11 Bullets

Paper Mice are truly one of the weirdest, raddest and tightest band around. Check out their band camp hard and catch em live if ya know what’s good for ya! Here is some live vid with blown out audio, crank it and enjoy!

5. Flaming Tunes – Breast Stroke

“Breast Stroke” is a great tutorial on how running through the same procedure multiple times will yield a new experience each time.

6. Willie Nelson – On The Road Again

“On the Road Again is played every time the ooze gets in the van and travels to a new destination. It’s the same song but harbors a new experience each time. Also, that solo…Some Georgia O’Keeffe shit.


7. Oozing Wound – Diver

(Nick/Velvet Sheep: since the guys are too modest to have chosen the Lucky seventh as one of their own, and the fact they make their own rules – I’ve put in “Diver” from the new one “Whatever Forever”…enjoy)