LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today, is the turn of The Peacers! Peacers is the new-ish (circa 2015) super-exciting band of Mike Donovan, San Francisco garage punk, cohort of Ty Segall, and formerly of Sic Alps. On the peerless Drag City records, the label ostensibly formed to put out records by my all-time favs Royal Trux, Peacers have a second LP out called “Introducing The Crimsmen” and it’s a flinty piece of sharply focused lo-fi, like “Westing” era Pavement meets Tall Firs and Mikal Cronin. Donovan’s voice is almost Elvis Costello like at times, and that’s no bad thing either.

Peacers photo by Mike Donovan

Here’s a new video for “Windy Car” from the new album

In short, they couldn’t be any more Velvet Sheep if they tried. Heady nuggs, garage jams, Guided By Voices style isotopic songs that break down as quickly as they crank up, solo Lennon-esque winsome lyrics – all boxes checked. And look at the cover of the album, it’s a t-shirt of the kind I’d happily exchange £20 at the merch stand for.

They were a shoe-in for choosing a Lucky 7, and I was totally satiated by their eclectic salvo of influences old and new.

Buckle up, here are Mike’s exemplary choices:

1. RUN DUST “Tetley Scraps”
From the brand new concept record “Leisure Village” about dystopian suburban breakdown.

2. BLACK FLAG “The Process of Weeding Out”
Would be cool if LA bands sounded like this. But no they never did.

3. GEORGE BRASSENS “Bancs Public”
One of his most famous songs- the world of love as seen by a public bench. This was recorded in the 1950s and the man is still without peer.

When i heard this at camp as a sheltered 12 yr old, i felt physically sick.

5. INTELLIGENCE “Thank You God For Fixing The Tape Machine”
My fave tune by Lars and Co. Complex and laid back. Also hilarious lyrics, natch.

6. THE KINKS “Dreams”
God save all Kinks songs. Here Ray places his bet solidly on the dreamer- who is not paying attention.

The Lucky 7th. THE PEACERS “Theme From Sonny”
From our new rec. This song is about a family i know- my best friends! Sonny was born 3 months early and I was far away. Started out as a pep talk and ended up being bout ancestral legacy, sea turtles etc. Sonny is 3 now!


Cheers to Mike and my good mate Sean Newsham @ Mutante