POPPYCOCK – Lucky 7 

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today it’s a welcome return to Velvet Sheep for Una Baines (ex The Fall, Blue Orchids and The Fates) and her band Poppycock

Poppycock are made up of members who met through volunteering at Seed Studio, a community centre located in Trafford, Manchester and is the realisation of an ambition long held by Una Baines to form a collective of strong female players.

In turns haunting and rambunctious think of it as Una Baines and her Good Seeds!

As a quick reminder here’s Una’s “song for ewe” choice on VS by Brushy One String…


Poppycock have been getting some airplay on Marc Riley’s 6Music show are currently recording their first album and have a gig upcoming at Islington Mill, deets below…

FAT OUT’S 10(9)th Birthday PARTY

Una’s been a great supporter of Velvet Sheep fanzine and she’s one of my heroes, so it’s great to get her and the band back to Velvet Sheep to choose their Lucky 7 – and there’s enough members for one song each! So here we go, headlong into some eclectic edutainment starting with…
guitarist, Heather Mary Greenbank’s choice:

1. The Breath – Carry Your Kin

Just now I’m listening loads to the album ‘Carry Your Kin’ by The Breath. They’re a Manchester band of amazing musicians, weaving atmospheric Celtic sounds. As well as The Cinematic Orchestra’s Luke Flowers and the talented and lovely John Ellis – Stuart McCallum is one of my favourite guitarists and inspired me to treat myself to a loop pedal (any excuse) ..and Rioghnach Connolly’s voice is just wonderful, beautifully pure and full of emotion – always stirs me up. The track I’m choosing is called ‘For You’, I’m not sure what it’s about but I just love the feel of it.

Drummer, Stuart Quinn-Harvie’s choice:

2. Elbow – One Day Like This

For me, almost the perfect love song, and more importantly the song that was playing in my head the morning I woke up with Michelle for the first time. It’s one of those songs that perfectly paints a picture of that moment, that feeling. And that’s one of the reasons music exists. And they are good sorts, I hear.

Elbow “One Day Like This”

Una Baines’ choice:

3. Antony & The Johnsons – Hope There’s Someone

This was one of those songs that beguiled me instantly. I was chatting to a friend and the telly was on in the background, than I heard that voice! This song was one I couldn’t listen to without tears for a while, so I didn’t actively seek it out. Such a rare and wondrous thing! I remember scribbling down Anthony and the Johnsons so I could find more treasures.

Flautist, Lucy Power’s choice:

4. The Orielles – Joey Says We Got It

Wonderful young trio from Halifax, writing all their own material. Great line-up of two sisters on drums and bass/vox and a lad playing guitar. First heard them just starting out in 2015…watching them go from strength to strength. 

Singer, Ann-Marie Crowley’s choice:

5. Counting Crows – Elvis Went To Hollywood

It’s bouncy, it’s daft, it’s up beat and it’s fun to sing along too. Nothing too complicated. And I have been playing that and “Scarecrow” off the album for the last year on repeat

Bass player, Nicki Dupuy’s choice:

6. Ennio Morricone – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Theme 

One track! How does a musician choose one? I might be listening to anything just now. Takes me to one of my least founded anxieties. What if I’m asked on Desert Island Discs?! The first music I have a memory of hearing, when I shouldn’t have been able to remember anything.

Sitting in my playpen, my mum had put me in front of the telly. It was daytime in the olden days so there were just test images and music. Transfixed. ‘The image of a of a young American first nation man riding fast across the plains, hair streaming behind him.’ So as far as I’m aware this is the music that started the journey off for me. Not seen the film, love this music tho. Ennio Morricone Theme from ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. Searched for the test picture too and came up with this.

And the Lucky 7th

7. Poppycock – Magic Mothers (live)