Today, it’s an extraterrestrial new band that have landed in Brighton, Earth made up from members of some rip roaring older/other-worldly ones: World of Twist, Earl Brutus and The Dials.

I’m particularly fond of the hod-carrying, brick-tossing brutalist yet nuanced glam post punk of Earl Brutus having rinsed the “Navyhead” video they made when I was running MTV2 at the turn of the century. Their gigs were legendary, neon-signed and wreathed to the max, performance art situationism or a Dadaists handbag as Paul Smith of Blast First legend might say. World of Twist were also responsible for (non navy) larks in the live department with one story of a prop volcano that swamped a flat bed truck, being given no truck by the Astoria who nixed its entry to the venue. With its shades of tap and plenty of other stories from the top row of the bar, there’s a book coming out imminently about it all by Gordon King called “When Does The Mindbending Start” via Nine Eight Books.

Quatermass III featuring Gordon King (gtr/vox), Andy Taylor (gtr/devil’s advocate), Neil Williams (vox/kazoo!), Ben Thackeray (bass/producer/good mixer) and Richie Harwood (drums) are a band that are (unsurprisingly given their name) strong of sci-fi, big of b-movie, ox tongue in cheek, fulsome and fearless, and sounding like only themselves. Their development as a band is embryonic in terms of gigs and a recorded but as yet unreleased debut album but  could easily go stratospheric, as they have been been born fully formed, like the T1000 curled up in his human birthday suit.

They’ve so far released two tracks via Bandcamp called “Found Footage” (see link above) which I played on a recent VS radio episode and “Super Star” not to mention a couple of Earl Brutus covers for charidee, but their album which i’ve been lucky enough to visit via a hidden portal / new dimension is out of this world and may indeed blow our tiny human minds. Can’t wait to play some more soon.

For a band for which the imagination is expansive but the details minutiae, it’s no surprise that they’ve taken their homework seriously for this feature, not least cos it shares a name with a tune in their repertoire. Over to the gang…

“It’s selected by our guitarist Gordon King who has taken things way too literally and chosen only songs with 7 in the title! Shame we haven’t released our song “Lucky 7” yet…

1. 7 Days Too Long – Chuck Wood
Q3 first discovered this as the b-side to the wonderful ‘Footsee’ by Wigan’s Chosen Few, which is almost certainly where Kevin Rowland discovered it. To be fair Dexy’s did a fairly good cover of this but Kevin for all his celtic-soul chutzpah is no Chuck Wood.

2. 7 and 7 Is – Love
Owing absolutely sod-all to the ‘British Invasion’ it’s difficult to believe that this proto punk paean to teenage angst was released in 1966. The Beatles it isn’t. Remarkably this was Love’s biggest US hit. That drummer’s forearms must have been throbbing!

3. 7 Deadly Finns – Eno
Eno, the prettiest ever bald rocker, released his first solo single after his departure (or removal) from Roxy Music. It’s doubtful that Brian seriously believed this innuendo-laced high trash classic would be the start of a colourful chart career. His ambient head was no doubt already full of music for airports and all that dreary stuff, which is a pity as the pop world could have done with more of this gear.

4. 7 Minutes to Midnight – Wah! Heat
If we weren’t all worried enough about imminent nuclear annihilation in 1980, Pete Wylie had to introduce us to the horrors of the doomsday clock. What then sounded like a rallying call from the bunker now sounds more like borderline power-pop if not for Wylie’s spirited shouty vocal. Ominously the clock is now set at 1 minute 40 seconds to midnight. Bugger.

5. 7 by 7 – Hawkwind
B-side to ‘Silver Machine’, the greatest top 3 record never to reach Number 1. Alternative national treasure Sir Robert Calvert bears his astral soul on this strange tale of intergalactic paranoia. “No more to cry o’ mortal soul, the astral
Path is now your fortuitous role…

6. 7 Day Lover – James Fountain
Back to the Casino (or was it the Mecca?) for our final selection. A mighty rare record and stellar vocal by Georgia peach James Fountain, a man not known for his modesty. This one will have the Q3 boys skating around the floor and out the door. And what, I hear you ask, was the James fountain?

7. Lucky No.7 – Quatermass III
This one’s an absolute stormer but you can’t hear it just yet so here’s one we made earlier


photo of the band is by Jim Fry

Do look up, to see the incoming activities of a band on a mission and a collision course with your senses…

Here’s the recent episode of the Velvet Sheep radio featuring QIII’s “Found Footage”…