SEXTILE – Lucky 7

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today, is the turn of astrologically named and attuned LA band Sextile, on the verge of releasing their second album of jittering pulses and irresistible motorik rhythm “Albeit Living” (out on 14th July). With the locked-on groove of Suicide and the narked irritability of Alien Sex Fiend, it’s an album that delves into the darkness of lead singer Brady Keehn’s fight against addiction and his need for escapism, and in itself is a vortex that takes you away from your current state of consciousness and twice removes you before spitting you out on the banks of the LA river just in time to avoid an out of control truck driven by the metallic splurging T-1000. The driving synths play against the proto punk, and it could easily have been curated by Output’s Trevor Jackson onto his seminal 80s “Metal Dance” EBM / electro post punk comp alongside DAF, Naked Lunch or SPK.

Sextile. Photo by Kiu Kayee

Here’s a video from the new album “One of These” which comes on strong and stark like John Carpenter’s “Assault on Precinct 13” theme.

But, what did Brady from Sextile choose as his smorgasbord of influential tuneage? It’s a playlist that reveals the workings of a kosmiche mind.

1. Crash Course in Science – It Costs to Be Austere
We love this band and love this track, its super driving, great synth sounds, and we are still blown away how you make something so sequenced in the 80s

2. Gorilla Aktiv – Die Maske
Early German electronic music, bouncy and raw.

3. Robert Gorl – Queen King
Robert Gorl is the whole reason we own both an original Korg MS20 and MS10, his work in DAF is amazing. Also check out ‘Mit Dir’.

(VS: No vid avail for “Queen King” so yes indeedy do check out “Mit Dir”)

4. Scientist – East of Scientist Corner
Been on a huge dub kick recently, Scientist has records upon records of good dub. This is just one that I can always come back to but most importantly, kind of sheds light on Scientist, his production and he how really used the studio as instrument.

5. The Radiators from Space – Television Screen
The bassline in the song is everything, but just a really good jam nonetheless.

6. Teenage Head – Ain’t Got no Sense
A perfect rock n roll jam.

The Lucky 7th: SEXTILE – Situations
We love this jam, because it’s the furthest from anything we have done as of yet. It’s super minimal but to us feels strong and probably the most poppy thing we have done.

(VS: No vid/soundcloud for “Situations” but check out the various band links for more action)


“Albeit Living” is out on Felte records, 14th July, just a week away. Sextile are about to tour the US with ADULT and UK tour dates will follow.

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