LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today, it’s the best new garage band in Britain. From Birmingham, Table Scraps features an old Velvet Sheep mate, Scott Abbott, who played at VS when it was a club night nearly ten years ago, both with band The Big Bang and Vinny & The Curse. Table Scraps is Scott, TJ and Poppy Twist and they’ve been shredding all over, supporting at their request the likes of The Black Lips, The Gories and the Buzzcocks while more than holding their own with contemporaries like Swedish Death Candy, Fat White Family, IDLES and Yak. Joe Talbot of IDLES also chose to spin their tune “My Obsession” while sitting in for Steve Lamacq on 6Music, and Tom Ravenscroft and Huw Stephens are fans too. They’re about to cut loose with their own debut album “Autonomy” (out in Feb ’18 on Zen Ten) and there’s no doubting it’s going to be a banger. They’re the kind of band that could persuade me to run live shows again just to get them on the bill, Velvet Sheep to the absolute core. I’m chuffed to welcome Table Scraps to VS on their way through to the very top table…

Here’s the cover shot from “Autonomy”

and before we see their new vid for “Sick of Me” (spoiler alert: it’s their lucky 7th), here’s the band’s top notch song choices, take it away Scott…

1. The Wipers – Over The Edge

The first time I heard this band my mind was blown, it was like hearing all my favourite bands at once. Such intensity, almost goth. Greg Sage is one of the most overlooked songwriters (Scott)

2. Clap – Out Of The Shadows

A reissued gem from the early 70s. Really murky rudimentary production, but every song on the LP is amazing. It sounds like a garage band’s take on hard rock, which I relate to! (Scott)

3. The Honeycombs – Can’t Get Through To You

The kind of record you’ll be convinced you’ve stuck on the wrong speed every time you play it. Proto-punk at its finest. Wild! (Poppy)

4. The Fat White Family – Cream of the Young

One of the greatest music videos of all time and the most exciting personal introduction to a new band I’ve had since ever. (Poppy)

5. Butthole Surfers – Who Was In My Room Last Night

Completely captured my imagination as a kid and, along with that video, the most blissful hit of Beavis and Butthead-era nostalgia. (TJ)

6. Devo – Jerkin’ Back and Forth

Devo are the perfect model of a band: artists with complete autonomy who balance humour and brilliant songs with being complete weirdo outsiders. This live performance of ‘Jerkin’ Back and Forth’ (on treadmills!) is the real deal. Ronald Reagan hairpieces, Boy Scout uniforms, that Moog solo… What more could you want? (TJ)

The Lucky 7th. Table Scraps – Sick of Me

‘Sick of Me’ is the first single from our upcoming LP Autonomy – out on February 23rd – which successfully answers the two main questions that we, as a band, are always asking ourselves: “If you strip this song down to its base elements, is it still good?” and “Can this be improved by vomit?”

We’d intended to shoot this video before playing a show in Brighton in the evening and adding fake vomit in post but we didn’t get there early enough. We played the show, stayed up all night and then staggered to the pier at 10am. (Un)fortunately this meant that no acting was required to fulfil the “worst day ever at the fairground” brief. Scott puking off the pier was amazing until we realised, very quickly, that the wind was blowing in the opposite direction.