LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Waste of Paint

Innovative and intelligent, WASTE OF PAINT are the neo indie quartet known for their brutally honest and heartbreaking music. Dubbed narratives and a profoundly important and poignant message, their music transcends the superlatives.

“We are not our thoughts, we are the grand observers of our thoughts,” singer Adam Brodie observes. “Our songs are narratives based on what we are feeling at the time. Sometimes it’s near suicidal despair; other times it’s anger at what is happening to the world. But every song – every line – means something, more often than not it has multiple meanings depending on which way you interpret the lyrics but that’s what we like.”

It takes bravery to put yourself out there and this naked honesty continues with Waste of Paint’s Lucky 7…

1. SPACEHOG – In the Meantime
A lesser known hit from the 90s that we all loved in our formative years. It’s just a catchy, pop rock song. Great vocals and a soaring build up to an anthemic chorus. Simple but effective.

The sound of those keys and organ in the intro! Then Jagger’s vocals come in. He was a master of putting emotion into his delivery and, coupled with Keith Richard’s distinctive playing style and backing vocal, it’s just magic. I’ve always loved the unconventional nature of Jagger’s vocal lines and melodies … he just goes for it.

3. BRIGHT EYES – Lime Tree
We could have picked any of Conor Oberst’s material, to be fair. His lyrics are just absolutely sensational. We named the band after one of his lyrics intact. And this particular track is just heart breaking.

4. BECK – Debra
I’ve always loved the diversity in Beck’s music and this track is just one great big groove, with an almost Prince-style vocal over the top of it. Some of the notes he hits … wow!

5. THE HOWL & THE HUM – Godmanchester Chinese Bridge
A band from York. We have known these guys for years, they played Adam’s birthday party at the legendary Adelphi in Hull and this song just blew our minds. It’s incredible. These guys are going to be huge! We had the pleasure of playing a few shows with them too. Top, top guys.

Another band we are lucky enough to have played with. They’re from the US and they have such a cool style and lyrically are bang on it. This tune starts with such an impact and it kicks into such a nice groove.

LUCKY 7: WASTE OF PAINT – Baudelaire Waltz
This is a song which kind of fell out of my head like a drunken truth at the end of a wild night, except I was sober on a Tuesday morning sat on my sofa unaware of the truth bomb i just dropped on myself. It was Pandora’s Box and, to this day, I’m trying to close it. We wanted the song to sound like an awakening of sorts, a journey from dark to light and to realisation. An interview I’d seen with Colin Farrell had provided the interjecting soundbites. As I watched the interview I thought “That’s me, I do that”. Since its release we have had so much feedback from people saying how they connect to the song which, truthfully, is all I ever wanted as a writer, to connect deeply. Numbers, plays, streams etc. are nice but ultimately invisible. We strived for a reaction and we got it. Job done.