LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

Today is the turn of Marc Riley favs, Wild Billy Childish collaborators and one of the best bands in Britain – The Wave Pictures


With their new album “Bamboo Diner In The Rain” out today on Moshi Moshi Records, following on from the acoustic “A Season In Hull” and last year’s LP “Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon” co-written by one of my all-time heroes, the original Chatham Jack Billy Childish – it seems pertinent to ask The Wave Pictures to choose some songs that influence their blues, surf, troubadour melting pot, so here’s what guitarist & vocalist Dave Tattershall has come up with…get ready to hoover your brain clean and suck these seven songs up…

1. John Fahey “How Green Was My Valley?”

John Fahey is a huge influence on the Wave Pictures. What a wonderful guitarist! We paid homage to him (i.e. ripped him off) on a couple of songs on our new album (”Bamboo Diner In The Rain”).

2. Canned Heat “On The Road Again”

I love Canned Heat. When I was writing songs with Billy Childish, I showed him this clip of them live at Woodstock. He said that it was ”beautiful”. Later that day he said ”you know what Dave? If you and I had been alive at the time, we’d have played at Woodstock.” That is a very nice thought, although I don’t think either one of us would have liked the mud very much. On ”HD Rider” and ”Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean” on our new album (”Bamboo Diner In The Rain”) I tried to play guitar a bit like Blind Owl Wilson trying to play like John Lee Hooker.

3. Television “Foxhole”

Tom Verlaine had it all… Great weird voice, great funny silly poetic lyrics, great spiky surfy jazzy guitar playing. Strange that he did so few good recordings. He’s the J.D. Salinger of rock! Well, almost… Salinger hid from the world and Verlaine just kept pumping out rubbish. In retrospect it amounts to the same thing (a huge reputation based on very little work). But when he was good, he was very good.

5. The WoWz “Bubbles In A Bath”

We always had a lot of fun touring with our buddies The WoWz from New York City. Watching them every night on tour was such a treat. They’re one of the best live bands that I’ve ever seen.

6. John Lee Hooker “Boom Boom”

John Lee Hooker is the king! The greatest!

7. Dick Dale & The Del Tones “Misirlou”

I love to try to play my guitar like Dick Dale. When I first saw Pulp Fiction, I was about 12 or 13 years old. A kid at school leant me the video, I had to wait til my parents were out to watch it because they wouldn’t have allowed me to! And I think I’ll always remember ”Miserlou” blasting out into the living room. The impact that it had on me was huge. I thought it was just about the best thing I’d ever heard.

The Wave Pictures were so excited about their Lucky 7, they hadn’t realised the Lucky 7th should be one of their own tunes, so here it is, from the new album “Bamboo Diner In The Rain”, “The Running Man”…


UK Tour Dates:
Sat 12 Nov – Glasgow – CCA/Saramago Café Bar
Sun 13 Nov – Newcastle – Cluny 2
Mon 14 Nov – Birmingham – Hare and Hounds
Sun 20 Nov – Bristol – Start The Bus
Mon 21 Nov – Brighton – Komedia Brighton
Thu 1 Dec  – London (XOYO)
Fri 2 Dec – Ramsgate (Ramsgate Music Hall)