METZ Band Photo by David Waldman

METZ Band Photo by David Waldman

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is singer of a hyper powered trio, that are stars of a new stable of slab like but melodic noise on the legendary Sub Pop label. Their album “II” (it’s their second don’t you know) has been reviewed on these pages recently where songs like “Acetate” and “The Swimmer” are surefire repeat play classics. There aren’t many contemporary bands that float my boat and then sink it with a Polaris, but METZ are one, and their lead mouthpiece, Alex Edkins, I’m pleased to say has chosen a “song for ewe”. In fact he’s gone one or two louder than that…

METZ 'II' (Sub Pop Records)

METZ ‘II’ (Sub Pop Records)

Sub Pop Records gets me excited at the moment like no time it has since 1992. They have the sublime smearings of Pissed Jeans, the mesmerising screaming of Melbourne’s Deaf Wish. I even (whisper it) am enjoying the (whispery) leanings of slow core legends Low, but my favs have to be Toronto’s METZ. They tear it up like Nirvana on “Bleach”, with the pop sensibility of Superchunk and occasional hollers from behind the gaffa tape of The Jesus Lizard – and it doesn’t get much better than that. I asked Alex Edkins to choose as per the custom an (obscure) song he’s enjoyed today. It took a while, but I didn’t just get one, Alex got so excited he blurted out four. And they really are four to the floor. Groove, punk, soul and psyche, and I’m psyched he has shared it with us.

Here are his songs for ewe, ewe, ewe and ewe…!

It’s over to Alex…

“Hi Nick,

Sorry for the crazy delay on this and thanks so much for asking us to take part. 

Part of the reason it took me so damn long to get back to you was due to touring and the other was just plain old-fashioned

indecision. I couldn’t make up my mind so I’ve included a couple of current obsessions. 

1. O.C. Tolbert – Message to Mankind

This is about as heavy as music gets. Insanely heavy groove, barn-burner vocal, talking about things that matter. Wow!

2. Tales of Terror – Possession

Jonah Falco (Fucked Up, Career Suicide) turned me on to this band. He thought I would dig this song and that METZ would do a good cover version. 

Well, he was right about the first part. I absolutely love this song. To my ear, it lives in a weird grey area between Rites of Spring and Iggy Pop/James Williamson “Sin City” album.

It has everything I love about punk rock:  Unhinged vocals, amazing discordant out of tune guitars all recorded on something resembling a boombox. 

Check out the whole album, including one of the strangest covers of “Hound Dog” I’ve ever heard. 


3. Little Ann – Deep Shadows

Pretty sure that this song features the same band as the O.C. Tolbert record. 

Super dark and sombre feel plus exasperated vocals that are constantly redlining in a beautiful way. Ultimate downer alert!

4. The Human Expression – Calm Me Down

Amazing tune that I listen to over and over.  13th Floor Elevators ‘lite’ if you will?



Find more about METZ right here, homeys.