“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is someone who has helped revitalise a new line up for Ian Svenonius’ band Chain & The Gang and also makes what they call post-bro (rather than post-feminist) “experimental electronic” with their own outfit Olivia Neutron-John. Its the incomparable, transcendental, ne’er to be pigeonholed punk Anna Nasty!


I for one, cannot wait for more Chain & The Gang material having loved the cheekily titled last one “Minimum Rock & Roll”, and in the new line-up have been playing out lately. Sartorially impeccable from the promo shots, it’s like Make-Up with shinier suits and if that were more possible even more sass.

It was on the basis of finding Anna through mutual friends on FB and seeing the great shots with Ian & fellow new gang member Francy Z Graham that I made my approach.

I didn’t know quite how cool Anna is. Olivia Neutron-John is a truly striking musical project, a declaration of war on mundanity, conflict against categorisation. Chain band leader (and one of my heroes) Svenonius says of oN-j that it’s “a vital bolt from the blue, a radical arrival which signals something outside of noise, punk, disco, pop…” and if that doesn’t grab you nothing will. Its certainly grabbed the likes of Flipper with David Yow who oN-j have warmed/cranked it up for.


Choosing some of the best post punk disco since Julie Cafritz of Pussy Galore chose Vivien Goldman, this “song for ewe” is like Liquid Liquid meets Laurie Anderson & Soft Cell except sung in Franglais, so without further ado it’s a “song for ewe” from the super cool Anna Nasty…

“Bagarre – Lemonsweet (Disco)

54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. 54. I love these lyrics… “Lots of lemon/My kicks make you swallow a sharp flavor”