Life sucks sometimes and it sucks even more when bad things happen to good people. Our friends Tommy and Morgan from Minatore, a band who strive to make the world a better place, had all their equipment stolen by scoundrels in the great city of Manchester and are now unable to perform. Tommy’s guitar (a gift from his girlfriend), amp and Morgan’s drum kit all taken in broad daylight.

People are good but they can be real shits sometimes. Help is however at hand via a Just Giving page, proving that if you look out for others they will look out you. The band’s fight against corruption, poverty and persecution continues but a band needs their mighty weapons and with your help Minatore will soon be back on stage where they belong.

To donate please visit: justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Minatore

You can also help by keeping a look out for their equipment, so please get in touch if you see anything on Gumtree/eBay/ Cash Converters etc. that matches the following description.

Minatore equipment stolen

Guitars: Blue Squire Mustang and dark red Ibanez Gio double cut away.
Drum kit: Mapex, Orion Series “Coffee Burst” finish, with a hand hammered brass snare with a gold rim + cymbals.

Please share this, as a share to Facebook is worth £10 on average.