ATTIS “Silly Songs About Stupid Girls”
Review by regular VS correspondent: Thomas “T-Bird” Jones

Halfway through the album Attis asks us Whhhooooosssssgonnaluvyahh. Well after listening to this album I can tell you… its everyone thats lucky enough to have it in their lives!

With tracks like CHERISH slowly building to a Flaming Lips’esque explosion that hits you right in the feels whilst the vocals are still letting us into his heart and EYE AM THA 1 4 U giving us the Prince vibes we all need right about now whilst still sounding fresh and new. We know we’re on this journey of love and loss with him.

Imagine Bootsy Collins hitting up Brooklyn and NYC with stories of the heart and you’re on the vibe 100%.

Be it the dark Joy Division vibe at the start of STAY with the reflective vocals into the the upbeat lead single PTG which gives us the instrumentation that wouldn’t be out of place in anyone’s favourite 80s/90s funk platter. It’s a floor filler from start to finish. It does that amazing thing of feeling like you already know it, love it and its been sitting in your cherished collection for years.

You want disco, funk, techno with a heavy garage beat then hit up WHHHOOOOOSSSSSGONNALUVYAHHH as Attis pours his heart out again over a rollercoaster of sounds that take you on a journey through all the emotions.

You want HI-NRG funk then SECRETARY(KREEP LYFE) gives us that in bucket loads and then some. A balls to the wall beat which has come with us from the start follows into DAYS(LALALA) before Attis hits us with vocals that make us wanna fall to our knees and worship as he testifies his heart out until OOMM takes us home with a ‘Lets Go Crazy’ feel with another hammering drum beat and more tales of heartbreak.

Attis wears his heart on his sleeve along with his influences like Prince, Bootsy, ESG, LCD Soundsystem and thats never a bad thing. To paraphrase from earlier..Attis, we all wanna luv yahhh!

You can get the album “Silly Songs For Stupid Girls” by Attis here…

check out the single “PTG”

also, here’s where Thomas “T-Bird” Jones in his Swampmeat Family Band alter ego chose the above track as his recent “song for ewe”…