Aubrey Haddard photos by Bob Sweeney

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. Today’s guest has a water diviner tattooed on her hand and it obviously also helps her effortlessly locate a tune that’s both fluid and packs the punch of a (divine) hammer. Aubrey Haddard is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter, guitarist par excellence. Aubrey’s vocals are sweet but the punch is hard, like St Vincent, Kim Deal and Bethany Cosentino rolled into one glorious metal straw through which to imbibe a heady cocktail whose affects can remove us from the madness of the current surroundings. Clearly attuned to the stylistic aesthetic as well as the musically kinetic, Aubrey’s latest single “Sweeter Than Honey” and accompanying video is arch and you could say blindingly good feature as it does a fetching set of Venetian blinds as a handy voyeur’s tool. The reaching hand and the fruit could be a nod to Adam’s apple or indeed the poison apple of Snow White – seemingly deliciously innocent but forebodingly deadly while the song itself is a siren’s cool that is “testament to female resilience and its double edged sword”. It’s definitely the most refreshing and arresting thing I’ve heard in a while, so I’m pleased as punch that we can welcome Aubrey Haddard to Velvet Sheep!

It’s also well worth checking out the rubbery Nile Rodgers basslines, phonecalls from the eighties, insistent hooks and Aubrey’s band doing a reverse Robert Palmer with matching white outfits and beautifully coiffed man buns in “Thin Line”…surely Aubrey is an absolute star in the making.

Aubrey was musically awakened when she saw American singer / guitarist Susan Tedeschi (Tedeschi Trucks Band) play live when she was fifteen. The power and poise she witnessed left her transfixed, and Aubrey realised she could eshew the high school choir to fulfil her rock star ambitions. Establishing a gigging career in Boston led up to the release of a debut album “Blue Part” in 2018 and Haddard won seven nominations and key wins at the 2018 Boston Music Awards including Vocalist of the Year and Singer/Songwriter of the Year.

A native of the Hudson Valley, New York State, Haddard moved to Brooklyn and in this fecund creative atmosphere she’s thriving, belting out maximalist indie pop with more than a glint in the eye and a spring in the step – combining the personal invective of Kate Bush to the absolute belting power of Brittany Howard. I’m already sold, truth be told.

And if I couldn’t be more beguiled, Aubrey’s song choice had me at “Heaven or Las Vegas”…so without further ado, this is Aubrey Haddard’s “song for ewe”…

“Lately i have been absolutely OBSESSED with the record Heaven or Las Vegas from Cocteau Twins. Particularly love the song Ice Blink Love — what an incredible melody. I think what draws me to this record most of all is how expansive it feels. I love the guitars speaking the language of synths, the vocals an almost constant hum.”


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