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Savages photography courtesy of TIM

“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day.

Today’s guest is someone imbued with the urgency of life, a punk rock bassist in one of my favourite currently (very) active bands, a band which has already left an indelible mark on my life and in the middle of my vinyl (at least for the vinyl copy of “Silence Yourself”). Savages are also behind one of the albums of the year, the Mercury nominated, brooding and atmospheric “Adore Life”. Also in the 2 x bass esoteric explosion of Kite Base, it’s a warm welcome to the aces Ayşe Hassan!

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Savages photography courtesy of TIM

I was very excited to buy the first Savages record from Rough Trade, especially as i’m a sucker for coloured vinyl and this beaut was even better as it was clear! When I got it onto the turntable I realised it had a black stain running through it that seemed so heavy it might make the needle jump. I took it back and got it swapped, but the RT dude mentioned it looked playable and possibly intentional. My clearer version worked a treat, but the blackness at the core of “Silence Yourself” didn’t just run in the visceral vinyl but in what was cut into those grooves. “Husbands”, the stand out single was pure Patti Smith, so much of the pervading atmosphere Siouxsie & The Banshees mixed in with Joy Division. The album took on more significance when I was away filming for an age on a undercover TV magic show that was dark in tone, and taxing in nature (and not my finest hour). My wife Julie played the record to take solace while I was off the radar, because she said it reminded her of me. Which was touching to hear and high praise since I’m not sure if I could ever reach the artistic intensity of “Silence Yourself”.


Savages photography courtesy of TIM

It’s fair to say I’ve been enjoying the follow up “Adore Life” since early this year. While I was editing the second series of “Art Ninja” my rather more happy CBBC show in the day time I was listening to the rather more melancholic yet imperative “Adore Life” during the dark commutes home. Right on the corner near the edit in Goldhawk Road was this brilliant piece of Savages marketing…where the hand on the cover spread off the billboard and onto the brick wall…


I haven’t listened to Savages as much this summer, but as the nights draw in, I will be too, drawn into their perfectly poised post punk drama.

I was chuffed to find Ayşe on social media and even more pleased that she agreed to furnish VS with a “song for ewe”.

Kite Base are well worth checking out, and I love the cosmonautical flyer below…from their tour with Hannah Peel…

Full copy V1

but cyrillic aesthetic aside, what did Ayşe choose as her “song for ewe”?

“I’ve been listening to a rather obscure track called “Output Phantom” by artist Don Teel Curtis. This is the only track available to the public which initially intrigued me, naturally I wanted to hear more!

So I decided to ask if he had anything else I could listen to – since then I’ve heard more of his work, which in many ways has hypnotised me.

It stands apart from everything else I’m listening to at the moment yet has some of the qualities I tend to go for normally found in industrial, electronic abrasive music….


Don Teel Curtis

I’ve since invited him to play at the Savages curated festivals Le Guess Who and Sonic City being held this Nov. I’ll be right at the front!”


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