BABY CHAOS – Lucky 7
LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

BABY CHAOS are the bi-polar behemoth Glasgow five-piece, who throw monstrous riffs at walls of harmony. Drawing the occasional tender acoustic breath before slapping the listener in the face with further savage guitars, BABY CHAOS produced one of Kerrang! Magazine’s 100 Best British Rock Albums of All Time. KKKKK

Baby Chaos Velvet Sheep Lucky 7

The band’s three-pronged guitar assault opens up panoramic possibilities for BABY CHAOS, as they push themselves to the limit of their skills and beyond. BABY CHAOS evoke the kick-Assness of many of its illustrious contemporaries; the likes of Biffy Clyro, Royal Blood, Muse, Queens of The Stone Age and Foo Fighters, some of whom would also willingly quote BABY CHAOS as an influence in their own formative years.

Over to BABY CHAOS singer Chris Gordon, who gets extra KKKKKudos for amazingly being the first band to pick a Queen song!…

1. TALKING HEADS – Psycho Killer (live) from Stop Making Sense
I listened to this whole album a thousand times when I was young and was totally sucked into their world. I picked this just because it’s the lead track from the album but, in truth, any one of the tracks would be a fit. There is a fantastic oddity to most of Talking Heads’ work and this track, with its Alice Cooper-inspired lyrics, is a great example.

2. QUEEN – Somebody to Love
I don’t think I could make a list like this without including Queen, as they were such an influence on my formative years. This could have been any one of twenty songs depending on the day, but it’s an absolute peach. The voice that drew me into Queen from the beginning is in its prime here. To my ears there is a sweet spot from about albums 3 to 8 with Freddie Mercury’s voice, and this lays it all out there.


3. DAFT PUNK – One More Time
When they upped their game from the first album, this was an absolute winner of a comeback. A joyous, euphoric, pounding chunk of vocoded love.


I love the album Cocoa Sugar, that this track comes from, having been sucked in by a random click. I don’t actually listen to music very often, because I’m in the game of making it most days, but now and again serendipity offers something up that’s too delicious to turn down. The musical landscape on this track, and the album as a whole, is quite wonderful.


5. JOHN HOPKINS – Emerald Rush
Another album (Singularity) that poked its head out of the crowd in recent times. For me, it stimulates a certain nostalgia and yet it also sounds like something from ten years in the future. This track is all crunchy and thudding and insistent and climbing to somewhere that you never quite reach, like it doesn’t quite resolve but, ultimately, a resolution would be less satisfying than what you actually get.

6. FKA TWIGS – Cellophane
A friend played me this track on his phone speaker and it totally blew me away. Complete tenderness and commitment in a virtuoso vocal. Though I knew the name, I had never heard the music of FKA Twigs before, so I poked about a bit and, unlike many on this list, this was the only track she had that really blew me away. I felt I wanted to include it, though, as sometimes you get such moments where there is a perfect connection to one song and that is all you need. I don’t think it diminishes anything in this perfect musical moment if that’s the only track that ever connects between you and the artist.


LUCKY 7: BABY CHAOS – Run Towards the Roar
This track from our new album, Ape Confronts Cosmos, is a small push into different musical plains, like many on the album. From the get-go, it’s as close to a standard rock riff that I think we have ever played and, with all that wrapped in a kind of Southern boogie swing time, one might be forgiven for thinking we had lost our collective musical marbles. Fear not, there is a tune to holler your heart out to, and a couple more riffs to get your fingers in a fiddle. Bang, boom, bang and you’re done and onto the next one.