BAD // DREEMS – Lucky 7
LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…

BAD // DREEMS are the outsider rock five-piece from Adelaide, South Australia. Enormous critical praise has ensued, including an Australian Music Prize nomination, constant support from KEXP Radio in the USA, countless plays at college radio stations, a full album feature on triple j Radio in Australia and, as if this wasn’t enough, a sold out Australian album tour.

Singer Ben Marwe joins us today and gifts us his fantastically observed inspirations, which includes the best name for a Lucky 7 yet…

1. THE MOFFS – Another Day in The Sun
The song I wish I’d written. An iconic and timeless portrait of Australian-psychedelic-improvised rock from the mid 80s, lacquered in wistful lyrics of longing and simpler times.

2. SILVER JEWS – Suffering Jukebox
David Berman, fucking genius. Master of sardonic self-deprecation, turning what lonely feels like into words. One of the greats and a huge recent influence on me, especially since his final chapter played out. Rest in Power DCB.

3. THE LIBERTINES – Death on The Stairs
One of the last great rock music power couples. We were fortunate enough to meet them in Australia when they toured two years ago, and caught their show at Barrowlands in Glasgow on our most recent UK visit with The Chats. This song reminds me of losing my licence at age 19 and having to catch the bus to and from a retail outlet I worked at near the airport. If you want to deal with wankers, work in retail. Grim.

4. THE MEKONS – Ghosts of American Astronauts
Great production all over. I’m a huge sucker for 80s vocal reverbs. I also love the scathing analysis of late 60s America masked behind a sweet, floating melody. My guilty pleasure is to go for a deep dive on moon landing and 9/11 conspiracy theories too, so this song kind of makes me feel less alone.

5. DANIEL JOHNSTON – True Love Will Find You in The End
This song knocks on the front door but doesn’t come in, says g’day then leaves. Understated, tasteful and innocent. I love the idea of a man and love searching for each other, but they never meet. I was late to Daniel Johnston but I really love this song. On repeat.

6. BLACK LIPS – Hooker Jon
I used to drive a truck for a company that set up events and weddings. Black Lips’ ‘Good Bad Not Evil’ copped a real flogging in the CD player. I checked out of BL hotel for a few years for some reason, but I’m positively checking back in for an extended stay without a checkout date. Whoever said country has played out can eat their own ass. This album rules.

LUCKY 7: BAD//DREEMS – Piss Christ
A song about an inebriated Donald Trump as a ventriloquist dummy, slowly dipped into a large glass tank of urine as the world and its language disintegrates. With borrowed themes from the absurdist play ‘The Bald Soprano’, the world is only able to argue without resolution or sense; “He made arrangements to build a wall, they made arrangements to kill them all”.