Bad Waitress photo by Kate Dockeray

LUCKY 7 is the feature where we ask artists to name their 6 favourite songs by others, and a lucky 7th song of their own…today is the turn of Toronto punks Bad Waitress whose debut album “No Taste” is out on September 3rd via Royal Mountain Records. Katelyn Molgard, Nicole Cain, Kali-Ann Butala, and Moon are instinctive and primal, full of restless invective and zig-zag dynamic, driven by drummer Moon’s swinging improv jazz style and the band’s jam sesh magic. Its a kevlar strong musical bind to a brand new gang that can also be your shield.

Delta 5 meets Hole with the rollicking sexual politicking of the Au Pairs, their videos to date show a yen for gothic shlock Zombieland horror and cult Midsommar weirdness which also confirms Bad Waitress have definitely got a sense of humour. Their song choices for this feature (picked by Nicole & Moon) also attests they’ve got great taste despite the protestations of the album title.

Enough evangelising from me, the proof’s in the distractingly rotten picnic in stand out track “Delusions of Grandeur”…

Here’s the almost Suicide-esque album artwork for “No Taste”

and to kick off – here’s Nicole’s picks…

1. Talking Pictures – Frigs
I feel like this sound encapsulates a Toronto winter pretty well. A bit of dissonance and angst while also being darkly comforting. I saw Frigs perform at The Velvet Underground in 2019 and they were so precise yet animalistic in their playing- it definitely left an impression.

2. Goin’ Out West- Tom Waits
Listening to Tom Waits just makes me want to hitchhike around the States and busk to make enough money to buy myself some whiskey. I love that his percussion usually sounds like it was performed using things he might’ve found in a junkyard, he’s got that twangy guitar down and obviously a voice unlike anyone else. This song is simple and cheeky and so satisfying to listen to. 

3. Colossus- Idles
Idles go hard. Their energy is insane and they put a lot of meaning into their songs. This was the first song to get me really into them- it constantly builds tension and then breaks out into this crazy punk part that makes you wanna tear down the street. The drums drive it along with a real crispy snare, and it’s impossible not to sing along to it.

4. Strawberry Milkshake- Bad Waitress
This is the first single off our upcoming album and it feels so good to finally put it out. We’ve changed our sound immensely in the last couple years and having recordings that reflect that is really important to us. Covid delayed us releasing new music for a while there and this is a good one to get the ball rolling again- it’s super catchy and full of cheeky lyrics and sly riffs.


5. Run Away With Her- Sook-yin Lee and Adam Litovitz
This record as a whole is vulnerable, inspiring and honest. This song on the record just takes me back to high school days, running around in a dreamy haze, imagining what the future clippings would bring. Hearing many influences on this record from Laurie Anderson, to Air, Nina Simone to even hints of Peaches and Grimes but ultimately at the end it is pure Jooj Two.

6. Anima-Kali Horse
Seeing this song grow into what it is now has been an exciting honor. Living with musicians is a trip sometimes to see the beginnings of a beat that then turns into its own baby beast. Driving rhythm, sounds of water in the intro and then smack in the face with heavy guitars. This song has a bit of everything. Gritty grit grit along with haunting lyrics, Grungy and unapologetic this song is a summer banger. Nirvana meets Fleetwood Mac is the combo I would give this song.

7. White Shoe Dance- Boy Wonder
A rocking song with a pretty awesome concept album behind it to toot. To quote a real teenager about what they thought of the track- “it’s not gonna be bumping on 92.5, it’s gonna be on a heavy metal rock station”. Maybe not quite metal but absolutely a track that will get your dancing shoes moving this spring into summer into winter and repeat.



“No Taste” by Bad Waitress is out 3rd September on Royal Mountain

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