Velvet Sheep loves Band of Holy Joy I’ve definitely mentioned that before! “Funambulist We Love You” was our album of the year last year and band leader Johny Brown‘s chosen a Lucky 7 a couple of times and a great “song for ewe” (and back in the day he left a big impression on me at a BOHJ / Terminal Cheesecake double header at the Marquee).

Johny’s got a new gig coming and so I thought I’d pin him down for another “song for ewe” since he’s always got an ear for a great tune, and a turn of phrase to die for. First things first, here’s the ever erudite blurb/bumff about the gig

“A night of beastly beatitude and other sonic deviances at the Ivy House in London. Come and join us at The Ivy House: London’s first co-operatively owned pub with the best back room and stage in London.

Band Of Holy Joy make a long over due return to South London whilst welcoming Quarterlight down from the North East and looking forward to grooving with the house cats Pendennis, this will be all held together with our brilliant MC Richard Strange, who will be channeling his rogueish inner Donleavy spirit the whole night through.

Come and join us for some good old bohemian beatnik post punk kicks…”

You can get tix from the link below…


And in case you’ve forgotten how Johny and co look in their 2018 edition, here they are…looking suitable wistful.

Band of Holy Joy by Doralba Picerno

Without further ado, here’s Johny’s Feb 2018 “song for ewe” – it has a Fall connection too which makes me love it even more…

“I love this concrete slab of heightened urban dread and fear and nerves.

It’s produced by Grant Showbiz for a start so the sound whilst being sparse and dubby is totally claustrophobic, the singer is ‘trying to send protocols and his skin is crawling and the top floor of the car park is calling, the protagonist has a problem with consumer life and political leanings, but darling, he hopes nothing for you, but, if you’ve got a problem just come and see him, his lust is roaring, though again, he hopes nothing for you!’

God I’ve been feeling this exact way for weeks now. and this song hits. It’s out on All The Madmen records soon. I urge you to check it out, or come and see them play it with the Joy at the Ivy House…”


Cheers as ever Johny! You’re a good man.

you can check out Band of Holy Joy’s Lucky 7 here…

BAND OF HOLY JOY – Lucky 7 & Album Of The Year