As is well documented on these pages, I am a big, big fan of the Band of Holy Joy, since the early 90s as one of the catalysts to getting Velvet Sheep fanzine up and running.

They are a band in the form of their lives, led as ever by the insightful, prophetic, poetic raconteur and flaneur Johny Brown.

Mr. Brown works in many mediums beyond the clarion call of Holy Joy, including spoken word recordings and iconic long-time broadcasts on Resonance FM (BAD PUNK) and The Neon Hospice (DEFAULT_LINES).

Johny is also a kinetic super-connector as well as a media milliner and it’s with all of his many hats on he embarks on the latest and greatest venture to launch the sure to be brilliant new Band of Holy Joy album “Dreams Take Flight” coming soon on my favourite label Tiny Global Productions.

“Dreams Take Flight” artwork

Band of Holy Joy and Bjorn Hatleskog are hosting an online four day exhibition of film and performance hosted from Gallery 46 in Whitechapel this week from February 24th to 27th.

They’ve commissioned eight artists and kindred spirits to create short films around a song each from “Dreams Take Flight”. These include VS fav and Nightingales’ artistic nexus and force of nature Fliss Kitson; producer/musician/writer extraordinaire and the impresario of The Neon Hospice (also known as boss since we have a show on his radio station these days) Jonny Mugwump; Johny Brown’s partner in crime and life and BOHJ band mate / BAD PUNK co-conspirator Inga Tillere and modern day beat poet, the richly burred Tam Dean Burn. Not forgetting Alexandra Lort Phillips, Gil De Ray, Bjorn Hatleskog and Jo Joelson.

Each night at 8pm, they will show two films and one live performance through the Band of Holy Joy YouTube channel.

The performance artists will include literary maverick Kirsty Allison (Cold Lips) plus Sukie Smith, David Erdos and Kevin Quigley and we’re intriguingly promised/threatened that “There will be random band happenings throughout.”

Each day at 2pm there will also be a radio show broadcast live from the gallery.

The Week of Holy Joy (as I’m calling it) is brought to a rousingly, evangelical climax by  longtime friend of the band and proto-punk royalty Richard Strange (Doctors of Madness) who will interview the band live on Zoom at 7pm before the final broadcast.

All the requisite info on how to tune in is below:

The band’s site for all details:

And then on the days – from Weds 24th to Sat 27th Feb:

Film and Performance:


Zoom (Sat 27th Feb with Richard Strange)

And here’s how to pre-order the album “Dreams Take Flight” via Bandcamp (out digitally on 15th May and physically on 15th June)…


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