BIRTH OF JOY – Lucky 7

Birth of Joy have an ethos rooted in rekindling the spirit and zeal of Nuggets-era psych and mainstays like the MC5 and Deep Purple, whilst simultaneously rocketing it into the 21st century. Since their inception, they have left a history of playing intense and relentless live shows. Popronde 2010, a travelling Dutch music festival, saw them play a mighty 17 sets, and crowned favorite act of the entire month-long event.

For their Lucky 7, Birth of Joy have given us a real classic rock treat. Sometime it feels like when asked to name their influences artists only like to show their most obscure tastes, so it’s as refreshing as a cold summer beer to see a list containing the likes of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. Over to you guys!


It’s always a bit hard to put some songs together that were an inspiration to us all when we get this inevitable question. However the three of us have a different and very broad taste in music. It goes from old school blues to electronic music and back, through obscure jazz to hard rock. Anyway, here are some cool tracks and why we dig them.

1. John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat – “You talk too much”

One of the greatest collaborations in the history of the modern blues is John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat on the album Hooker ’n Heat. It’s also great to listen to the conversations between songs on the album. It has everything a great blues album needs.

2. The Mind Garage – “Asphalt Mother”

Even though they were the first Christian rock band, this song still kicks our asses off. We discovered this song in the holy Nuggets collection and it really stood out. The slightly detuned guitar gives it a bad ass atmosphere. Listen to the QOTSA song Sick Sick Sick and you’ll know where Josh Homme got his inspiration from.

3. Pink Floyd – “One of these days (live at Pompeii 1972)”

It’s very hard to top the Pink Floyd sound on the Live at Pompeii album. The way they play together is phenomenal and all the sounds are really spot on. If you don’t know this concert yet; search for the full directors cut on YouTube, grab a beer and take some time for the whole thing. Great piece of art. In this particular clip the camera work is mostly concentrated on the drummer, Nick Mason. Really cool to watch this guy groove.

4. Deep Purple – “Space Truckin’ (live 1973)”

This is one of our earliest inspirations as a band, but we still throw it in every time people ask about our favourite songs or performances. It takes some time to go to the interesting part, but once you’re there it will probably blow your mind. Don’t skip to it though. For us, this is why Deep Purple (with this personnel only!) is one the greater hardrock bands from the 70’s. In the media The Doors often come up as our obvious main inspiration, understandable of course, but this song is much closer to the band.

5. Led Zeppelin – “No Quarter”

This song is a hindsight inspiration for a track on the new album called Numb. We just introduced the Rhodes electronic piano into the arsenal of our keyboard player and he had a spare rotary simulation pedal, which he only had for backup when the real Leslie would break down, but never really liked on the organ. Turned out that in combination with a lot of delay it sounded great on the Rhodes. We all very much liked the sound, but it took us little time to figure out where we heard this before.

6. Queen – “I’m Going Slightly Mad”

Great sound and wicked lyrics. Especially because Freddie Mercury knew he was reaching his end. Goosebumps, every time this song comes up. Despite the harsh reality Freddie kept his calmness and humour. The video for this song is also great. He was so ill and pale during the shoot, that they decided to make it black and white to mask his illness. The fact that he could barely stand on his feet and still managed to pull it off shows us his commitment and uncompromising drive as an artist of a whole other league.

Lucky 7: Birth of Joy – “Hands Down”

Hands Down is a highly danceable rock song. Perhaps even the most danceable song Birth of Joy ever put on record. The verses have you galloping through a post-apocalyptic world where everything goes to hell, but later the choruses light it all up in a weird sort of very danceable disco-stoner.

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