V.S. VERSUS Takin’ Care of Business: BRUM’S THE WORD

For the fourth pulsating installment in a series of exclusive mixes which pitch Velvet Sheep versus some of our favourite musical compadres…

Bounding back into the ring is Birmingham garage legend and all round top bloke, T-Bird Jones from second city soul night Takin’ Care of Business, the band Swampmeat and the gone but not forgotten Coldrice collective.

VS vs Takin' Care Of Business: Brum's The Word mix

VS vs Takin’ Care Of Business: Brum’s The Word mix

Fresh from watching one of the “greatest gigs of all-time” with Reigning Sound at the 100 Club, long-term Velvet Sheep supporter, T-Bird is gonna do some writing for us and to follow up a popular mix of garage gems last month has spun together a new one celebrating some of his home town’s biggest hitters…so it’s over to Mr. Jones to let you know what he’s packing this time:

“It’s Birmingham’s finest hittin’ it hard for a TCB vs VS mix…The heart of the Midlands present the finest in garage rock, blues and balls to the wall rock ‘n roll.. From Coldrice, Takin’ Care Of Business and Killer Wave these bands show whats great in the Second City…expect to hear Copter, Swampmeat, Black Mekon, Dong Fang, The Drip Dry Man, The Cedar House Band, SSH, The Mighty Young and The Big Bang…”

take it away Teeb…1,2,3,4…