“SONG FOR EWE” is the feature where artists & music people beloved by VELVET SHEEP choose an obscure song they’ve been listening to that day. I was put onto today’s archly named avant pop guests The Casual Sexists by my good friend Johny Brown of Band of Holy Joy who couldn’t stop playing their album “Your Prescription Is Ready” and I am similarly hooked by their neon nonchalance and assymetric assignations. The Casual Sexists are Londoner Ed Zed and New Yorker Varrick who met here, were married in three months and moved to Brooklyn where they make situationist kitchen sink glitch disco. Paul Smith of Blast First records once memorably called his Disobey club nights “a Dadaist’s Handbag” and if that was the case, then The Casual Sexists gleefully dance around it.

The varifocal beats and found sounds that gleefully splatter the album allegedly emanate from objects in their tightly packed Brooklyn flat-cum-studio including vacuum cleaners, dentist drills and cameos from their pet cats which begs the question – why have they got dentists drills in their condo? Our Marathon Man Zed dovetails his Dury-esque deadpans and Albarn-storms with Varrick’s more soaring yet definitely thousand yard staring singing, and the effect is refreshing and intoxicating like overdosing on Listerine, or the Flying Lizards headed for outerspace, playing the spoons on Jeff Bezos’ shiny head rather than a bedsit tea pot. The patronage of J. Brown already had me, but the unstoppable Jonzun Crew/Keith Haring meets ESG vibes of “Fresh Legs” had me running to grab a “song for ewe” from these troublesome two. Welcome to Velvet Sheep the retro-viral yet vital right nowness of The Casual Sexists

first up though check out the rapturous rhomboid of new single “I Like Shapes” out this Friday via It’s Hurting My Feelings…

Here’s the digital degrading artwork for the Harry Styles name dropping album “Your Prescription Is Ready”. It’s not just surface level frippery though, in more sombre darker moments like “The Ballad of Nicola Crane”, it’s Soft Cell’s seamier underbelly meets The Streets acerbic observations – a biographical tale about a tragic book not to be judged by its terrifying cover. There’s definitely depth and heft at work beneath the high gloss which points towards being The Casual Sexists being more than mere sonic supernova. And as if to further prove this point “(What Happens) A Nobody Dies(?)” , it’s a Jon Doe-sy doe with no partners in a further bout of hi-tech dystopic pop.

With such a richly vivid palette, and even a lyric saying “perhaps he wrote this song for me”, what treat have The Casual Sexists picked as their “song for ewe”…without further ado…

“BIB KIDS – 100 degrees

Oh, the day when the woefully short-lived BIB KIDS’ sweat-drenched scorcher ‘100 degrees’, was first beamed to us from across the globe. What a day that was.

Even though we both wish these Auckland wunderkinds could have stuck around long enough to make one of our favourite albums ever, there’s a kind of perverse purity in the fact that one barnstorming EP and a short demo comprise their only recorded legacy.
‘100 degrees’ – a quiveringly taut hymn to sexual tension – is built on lo-fi foundations, but still somehow creates a vast sonic arena in which the KIDS run rampant.

Vocalist Tash van Schaardenburg insouciantly intones lines like ‘sun’s down / moon’s up / forecast says its rain / I feel the weather shifting / I feel my mind gone drifting / let’s talk about locality and this eventuality / when we go home just you and me / we’ll change the seasons in my sheets’ as they abandon you to the elemental swirl, and oh god, every second is glorious, glorious, glorious.

The weather here in NYC this week has been sultry, stormy, erratic and intense, and ‘100 degrees’ could not have provided a more perfect soundtrack. Get involved.”


“Your Prescription Is Ready” is out now and available on the link below, with single “I Like Shapes” out this Friday 17th June on It’s Hurting My Feelings.